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Easy no-knead garlic and sea salt focaccia

Me, a baker? After successfully baking the most delicious focaccia, my baking skills have advanced from banana bread level to yeast bread level. In my book that is pretty up there which I initially thought was reserved for real talented bakers. (And I still do not consider myself one but I still cannot believe it that I.baked.a.focaccia.from.scratch.) Before the pandemic, I did not have any interest nor think that I would be able to bake a bread with yeast. With this recipe that I found, not only was the focaccia that I baked was beyond delicious, it tasted like it was baked by a professional gourmet chef. It was so perfect that I can confidently say could rival the gourmet bakeshop down the street from my house. Totally unbelievable that I made it with my very amateur skills! What is mind-boggling is that it was soooooo simple and so easy! Much appreciation for author’s clear easy-to-follow step by step instructions and photos. I am tempted to just provide the link and of course, the full …

Jam loaf

I baked Jam Loaf Bread twice already. I used mango jam the first time while I mixed orange marmalade in the next one. My bread proofed and rose. My yeast was alive! And I found kneading with my hands therapeutic. Getting the loaves out of the oven, cutting a slice while still hot and giving it to Mr Sweetie where he slathered it with butter;