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Korean braised tofu (dubu jorim)

Among the things I missed during the pandemic is being able to eat at a Korean restaurant. We had Korean food delivered to our house for dinner but it is just not the same. It will never be. I miss stuffing myself with over a dozen banchan (side dishes) placed at our table while waiting for our main dishes. By the time our orders of Korean barbecue and dolsot bibimbap arrive, I am usually already full . I did not think that I would ever say this but I miss the smokiness of the Korean restaurant. I used to say that I hate smelling like eau de bbq when having Korean food but now, I do not mind at all as long as I get to eat my favorite Korean dishes. As soon as we feel comfortable to eat out again, we are walking to our favorite neighborhood Korean restaurant. Yes, we are that blessed being surrounded by cuisines of all kinds just mere skip and hop from our house. In the mean time, I …

Omurice (japanese rice omelet)

When I first saw pictures of #omurice trending on Instagram, my brain’s initial reaction was “I need you, omurice!” (This was what happened when I allowed myself to look at Instagram at bedtime while Mr Sweetie was away on a business trip. For over two hours, I turned into a zombie scrolling through food accounts until 1 o’ clock in the morning! Wasting time on social media is very rare for me so this one was a treat. I had fun.)