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Jam loaf

I baked Jam Loaf Bread twice already. I used mango jam the first time while I mixed orange marmalade in the next one. My bread proofed and rose. My yeast was alive! And I found kneading with my hands therapeutic. Getting the loaves out of the oven, cutting a slice while still hot and giving it to Mr Sweetie where he slathered it with butter;

Salted caramel banana bread

I will forever associate baking banana bread with the pandemic. When the first lock down started in March 2020, banana breads were my first baking projects. Baking them became my sanity. I must have baked close to 50 mini banana bread loaves. Mr Sweetie ate about 3/4 of the total of those banana breads that I baked (about 30 mini loaves) while about 15 loaves were given away to my team mates. LOL! Well, this was spread over almost 10 months, I would say, so it was not so bad, I guess, except he would devour 2-4 loaves within 3-4 days.

Bouikos (mini feta & cheddar scones)

Bouikos are like mini feta and cheddar scones with green onions. They would have been perfect as appetizers for New Year’s Eve to accompany that glass (or four) of bubblies or wine. Since we are on a stay at home order in California this holiday season until who knows when, Bouikos are still great anytime with or without a party to serve them at, or to munch on while watching the ball drop on NYE. They are also perfect comfort food to soothe the achyness that this terrible pandemic has caused.