Gratitude post | january 2020

January 2020 was love, family, more love from friends and family. It was delicious food, Sunday lunches with my siblings, Super Bowl, lovely date nights and fabulous Restaurant Week lunch with BFF….January was an ice cream cone, the most delicious almond croissant from the best bakery in the United States according to Bon Appetit and Filipino dishes cooked with love by my sister in law…..

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Gratitude post | december 2019

I am so ready and excited for 2020! I believe that I am in a good mind frame to tackle this New Year. Before I do so, I would like to have one last look at December, most particularly Christmas week. This last week has gifted me with such beautiful memories that I will fondly look back on for years to come. I wrote about my December activities on this post — My Christmas List 2019. The last week of December can be summarized in one word: FAMILY.

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Gratitude post | september 2019

Waikiki Beach moment

September welcomed the arrival of fall season while summer finally came to the Bay Area this month. Summer months of July and August in San Francisco were cold while September brought us beautiful warm days! We endured few uncomfortable days in the high 80’s that made it hard to sleep at night but it was mostly gorgeous afternoons in the 70’s.

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