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Shrimp salad sandwich with sriracha mayo

Eating this shrimp salad sandwich was like summer in my mouth. It had freshly squeezed lemon juice, chopped crispy cucumbers and celery which were contrasted with the taste of sweet onions. The tangy homemade sriracha mayo perfectly complements the flavors of juicy and plump shrimp. I used toasted sourdough bread to cradle all of these deliciousness. It was truly a medley of flavors and textures. Sriracha is a type of spicy Asian hot sauce. It is made from pepper paste, vinegar, sugar and salt. Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) is often served with sriracha on the side. I have always eaten sriracha with Asian food at mom and pop eateries in the Bay Area. with my friends for as long as I can remember. In the last decade or so, sriracha became a trendy food among foodies and has become mainstream. Check the aisle of your local grocery store. You might find it right next to soy sauce and other Asian spices and condiments. When I made this sandwich it was on a lovely spring day …

Hawaii shrimp food truck- inspired garlic shrimp

As inspired by our vacation in Oahu in 2019, I re-created the shrimp and rice dish that we had at one of the food trucks on Oahu’s North Shore. Shrimp trucks are popular in Hawaii — just watch Hawaii 5-0 (or not! LOL!) where Kamekono’s Shrimp Truck was a fun mainstay of the show showcasing Hawaii’s local food culture. Please check out my North Shore Oahu Shrimp Truck post here where I posted yummy photos of our shrimp plate and food trucks in the town of Haleiwa in Oahu. This dish is so easy to make and so delicious! Buttery and garlicky shrimp over hot rice make this the ultimate comfort food! Make it as spicy as you want. A little note on vegan butter I also want to mention that in order to lessen the guilt, I used vegan butter for the first time. I really could not tell the difference between dairy butter and vegan. It so happened that the vegan butter was on sale at Costco. The woman right next to me …

Mango black bean salsa and pan fried garlic salmon

Happy Spring! I hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous days of this season. While we sadly did not get to enjoy much March showers in California which officially put us in the drought category, spring has come. California poppies, daffodils and flowers of myriad colors are decorating the Bay Area landscapes. I always associate mangoes with summertime. Philippine mangoes are known for their sweetness and juiciness, and much enjoyed during the hot summer days in the Philippines as snack, dessert or side dish. I have always been “Team Sweet Ripe Mango” but many Filipinos are “Team Green and Crunchy Mango.” I was given mangoes by my brother in law when I visited my family few Sundays ago. Today, I thought of making salsa to complement my pan fried salmon with garlic and rice while I was working from home. The star of the show on this post is the Mango Black Bean Salsa while the pan fried garlic salmon is taking a supporting role. The salsa is very easy to make. No cooking needed, and …

Jam loaf

I baked Jam Loaf Bread twice already. I used mango jam the first time while I mixed orange marmalade in the next one. My bread proofed and rose. My yeast was alive! And I found kneading with my hands therapeutic. Getting the loaves out of the oven, cutting a slice while still hot and giving it to Mr Sweetie where he slathered it with butter;

Omurice (japanese rice omelet)

When I first saw pictures of #omurice trending on Instagram, my brain’s initial reaction was “I need you, omurice!” (This was what happened when I allowed myself to look at Instagram at bedtime while Mr Sweetie was away on a business trip. For over two hours, I turned into a zombie scrolling through food accounts until 1 o’ clock in the morning! Wasting time on social media is very rare for me so this one was a treat. I had fun.)