In my kitchen | arroz con pollo

Nowadays, I have been craving comfort food. Comfort food for me as a Filipina and Asian often involves rice. I do not even eat rice every day or at every meal unlike most traditional Asians and Filipinos. (When Shelter In Place Order was declared, while most people were panic buying for toilet paper, my siblings looked to stock up on rice!) I have a small jar of rice at home which will probably last me over a couple of months.

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Oakland | Cholita Linda

Now that there is a Shelter in Place order in California, and eating out is not an option for now, I thought that this is the best time for me to catch up on posting past dining experiences. It will be a great time to reminisce about delicious dining memories and remember that the crisis is going to over one day. Then we will be able to share a meal and enjoy delicious drinks with our friends and loved ones once again.

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