Author: Leah

Salted caramel banana bread

I will forever associate baking banana bread with the pandemic. When the first lock down started in March 2020, banana breads were my first baking projects. Baking them became my sanity. I must have baked close to 50 mini banana bread loaves. Mr Sweetie ate about 3/4 of the total of those banana breads that I baked (about 30 mini loaves) while about 15 loaves were given away to my team mates. LOL! Well, this was spread over almost 10 months, I would say, so it was not so bad, I guess, except he would devour 2-4 loaves within 3-4 days.

Easy cheddar corn fritters

While others like to shop for clothes, shoes or gadgets, buying food is one of my favorite past times. Since I have been faithfully sheltering in place, grocery stores are among the very few places that I allow myself to go to during the pandemic. Actually, aside from home and work, and once a month social distancing visit to my family, I really do not go anywhere. Every week without fail, you will find me roaming around Trader Joe’s and Grocery Outlet. I go to Costco every other month for a big grocery shopping spree where I explore Costco’s aisles for almost 2 1/2 hours! Costco shopping is an all day affair for me that I have to take a day off from work just to go. I just love finding new food and brands to try. I am always buying food and very good at never wasting it if I can help it. I always make sure that I cook and eat what I buy. I also buy food to share as presents. I …