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Oakland | north light kitchen, bar and bookstore

I have been eyeing North Light for a while. It has been low on our date night list since Mr Sweetie is not into small neighborhood bars even if it is as cute as North Light.

In fairness to him, if I told him that there is a place that I really want to check out, he will go with me. When he asked me where and what I wanted to eat on my birthday, I told him that I just wanted a drink and tater tots. Yup, tater tots. Blame it on my girls’ birthday eve treat for me at Executive Order the evening before where my love affair for tater tots and cocktail has begun. (I discovered what a tasty pair they are!)

I also told Mr Sweetie that I wanted to go to North Light. (I am a firm believer that if it is your birthday, you should definitely eat whatever and wherever you want on your special day!) It was finally my chance to pick this place.

North Light is a cute neighborhood bar. Cute and edgy. It is a an all-day bar, kitchen slash bookstore slash record store. The space is probably what New Orleaneans would consider “shotgun” style. The place was deep and narrow with a cozy patio in the back. Ambiance was really laid back from people parked at a table while telecommuting, to office workers and young parents with a toddler in tow. Place was chill with Ike and Tina Turner’s music being played from an old vinyl.

Mr Sweetie and I sat at the bar. I ordered an El Diablo (tequila, ginger, lime, cassis, heat) as suggested by our server. Mr Sweetie, who rarely drinks alcohol, chose Lion’s Tail (bourbon, lime, allspice, demerara, bitters). My drink was good and paired well with cheesy tater tots. I do not think that he was too pleased with his drink but I really like it! I had a sip and it tasted like Christmas!

And I got my birthday food wish. Since it was my birthday, I went all out and got the Tater Tots Fast-Food Style with caramelized onions, not-so-secret sauce and cheddar! 🙂 Mr Sweetie ordered Chicken Wings.

I would say that I really enjoyed my birthday meal (which would turn out to be just one of many! It is already March and the birthday treats keep on coming!) I hope to return to North Light as I enjoyed the chill ambiance. It is in my hood. (I do live in a very cool hood!)

Another birthday drink and eats to come — next door to North Light. Stay Tuned!

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Welcome to Deliciously. My warm and snug little space in this big, wild world. This blog is about my everyday life in San Francisco (where I work) and Oakland (where I live). I strive to live a life that is full of gratitude, coziness and simple joys. This is my personal journal and photo album where I post photos of lovely things that I capture on camera, travels and delicious meals that I share with my family and friends. Just a simple, happy blog. Thank you for stopping by! -- Leah


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  2. Wow the tater tots look yummy, especially with the sauce and cheddar on top! North Light looks and sounds like an awesome and cool place to visit. Looking forward to reading your next birthday food adventure post! 😊

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    • Thank you for your note. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this challenging time. I will continue to post previous eats now that we are not allowed to eat at restaurants. We are able to order take out or delivery. The entire state of California is on a Shelter In Place order. We are required to stay home but can only go out for essential activities. I wonder how it is where you live? Take good care.

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      • Thank you so much, we’re doing well. Hope you and your family and friends are safe and healthy too. Restrictions have been placed here as well. Events and social gatherings aren’t allowed now, crowd control has been initiated and some places have closed temporarily. The situation seems to be under control here, but we’re taking precautionary measures. This too shall pass. Take care and stay safe!

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