Berkeley | casual date night at augie’s montreal deli

Matzoh Ball Soup, Poutine and Rye Bread Latkes

Excerpt from Augie’s Montreal Deli’s website:

Augie’s Montreal Deli is a Canadian inspired restaurant specializing in authentic Montreal Smoke Meat sandwiches and Quebecois Poutine; along with a menu of delicious salads, sides, and local craft brews. Our authentic Montreal smoke (or smoked) meat is maple and spice cured, hand rubbed, smoked, and slow roasted beef brisket that is best described as having the rich delicious flavor of pastrami and the crumbly texture of corned beef. It’s a one-of- a-kind taste served hot on locally made Metropolis Bakery deli rye with yellow (or spicy) mustard, Uncles Famous garlic dill pickles with a kick, and a side of Zack’s Zesty coleslaw….

We take pride in serving the most authentic poutine south of the border. Starting with triple fried red potato fries with the original St Hubert poutine gravy and real deal squeaky cheese curds from Oakdale California; it’s the what the good people of Quebec intended poutine to be.

Sounds mouthwatering, right? Mr Sweetie was having a bad case of carnivorous cravings. He would go for a pastrami, roast beef or Reuben sandwich. Augie’s Deli that specializes in Montreal Smoke Meat has been on my radar for a while. Located in Berkeley which is just minutes away from our house, we drove here on a beautiful cool Saturday afternoon for date night. We got there at 45 minutes before closing time but we were not rushed. The place was located in an industrial section of the city. The place was surprisingly spacious with lots of tables inside and outside given how precious real estate is in the Bay Area. Canadian flags were proudly on display. We ordered at the counter and our food was brought to our table.

Mr Sweetie got to satisfy his cravings. He had a Smoke Meat Reuben $14 with house made 1000 Island Dressing and aged cheddar.

Since I do not eat cured meats (I was so tempted believe me), I was thrilled to see Matzoh ball soup (cannot resist!) and Rye Bread Latkes with apple sauce $9.50.

Even though I do not eat cheese, it was time for me to try poutine for the first time ever in my life. Poutine is a classic Montreal dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds. We ordered a small one $8.25 which was quite generously portioned.

Augie’s also has a great selection of beer which I bet will go well with these savory, super-salty (but oh, so delish) dishes. We opted for soda and apple juice instead.

The final verdict is it was double-thumbs up for Mr Sweetie. I would have given it the same scores but sadly I cannot indulge in foods with high sodium contents which are Augie’s specialties. They were deliciously salty and those cheese curds, though! Maybe next time I will give those poutine a go again with an order of ice cold beer.

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