Gratitude post | may 2019

It is almost the end of June as I am writing this. As much as June is proving to be so exciting (hint: travel to Washington DC), I simply cannot move on until I talk about how wonderful May has been. May was belated birthday celebration with BFF (one where I was so spoiled!), a sweet drive along the coast for Saturdate, Mother’s Day, and some fancy-schmancy events where I was so lucky to get invited to.

My world also continued to burst with flowers of amazing colors, shapes and sizes. April showers definitely brought May flowers. May was wet — very wet. Rain poured down hard which I did not mind because — more flowers and cozy spring days! Just look at the pink petals on the ground after the rain. May was truly magical!


I did not realize that May has been packed with celebrations until I started looking at my pictures. There were Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day and Nick & Caitlin’s birthdays. I need to remember what a fun month May is as something to look forward to next year!


Every year I look forward to this tradition in our relationship. Every 5th of May Mr Sweetie makes us a big glass each of margarita to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. This is about the only time when we drink hard liquor at home. It fell on a Sunday this year and we were both tired from being with our families. We still had to celebrate with our margaritas because we do this every year. I also bring out my dolls that I got during our trip in Mexico few years ago.


I wrote about how we spent our Memorial Day Weekend here. It was a quiet and restful one which was how we wanted it to be.


We celebrated a beloved lovely young couple and gave them a party with family. To my dismay after taking bazillions pictures, there was no memory card in my camera! I was so upset! We had another party just the next week and I bought them another cake and took pictures. It was a fun Pupusas Party where we ordered close to a hundred pieces. We ate until we burst and sent everyone home with tons of this yummy Salvadorean dish.


Where to start? Let me start with Mother’s Day. My mom is in the Philippines so I celebrated it with Mr Sweetie’s family. We had a sumptuous feast at his brother’s house to celebrate all the moms. I thought I had my part all planned out of doing a Pinterest-worthy display of baked goods that I was assigned with. Well, it would have worked out if we had not been almost an hour late! I blame it on Mr Sweetie. He mixed up the time and when we got there, a generous buffet of potatoes, omelette, meats, scones, etc were waiting for us. There were also plenty of champange, mimosa and juices going around. I still set up my breads, fruits and pastries from Trader Joe’s, grabbed a mimosa and hung out with the moms in the patio on a beautiful and bright May morning.


Some of these celebrations fell on Saturday so they doubled-up as date night as well such Nick & Caitlin’s birthdays and Cinco De Mayo weekend. For the Saturday before Cinco De Mayo, we just had burritos delivered for dinner. It has been a long time since I had a burrito. It was yummy and apropos for the Cinco De Mayo celebration which was the next day.


Our Saturday road trip to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero along the breathtaking Highway 1 was another highlight of this month. I wrote about our afternoon late lunch of fried seafood and drinks at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. I also posted pictures of me among the daisies, and the cozy stroll in the town of Pescadero. This was our Saturdate on Memorial Day Weekend and I really enjoyed it.



I am so blessed to be a member of a church that also blesses me with hope, community, where I worship with my family and one where we are fed so generously! We celebrated our church’s anniversary and we have a member whose gift is to make every event fabulous with her talent in party planning and decorating. I have yet to create a separate post of our Hawaiian themed party because it was truly wonderful! This Sunday was also extra-memorable because my siblings and I were all there along with their families. I got to hangout with my sister as we stuffed ourselves with Asian and Hawaiian food.

Lunch with my family after church where my SIL cooked menudo and udon. I am so blessed by my sister in law and brother’s love of cooking. I am always well-fed every Sunday. They even wait for me and do not eat until I get back from shopping after church.



Somehow I got invited to a couple of fabulous events this month. One of the ones that I attended was a fundraising gala at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. The tickets were spendy but I was given a complimentary ticket. I felt truly honored to witness such event that was dedicated to improving the lives of people who were in poverty and experiencing homelessness. I got to hangout with colleagues and enjoy a delicious 3-course chef-prepared meal. Wines were also nice and abundant! It was a beautiful evening at breathtaking iconic building in San Francisco that features timeless Beaux-Arts interior.


A delicious lunch of salmon over greens, a bread basket with butter and desserts at SF Marriott. I am such a lucky gal that my colleague always invites me to the yearly fundraiser of this organization in San Francisco that assists people in getting back to the workforce. Through her invitation I am also able to invite a colleague. This luncheon always leaves us inspired all around after hearing the amazing stories of people who powered through hardships and able to gain successful employment once again.


Lunch provided by work catered by Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery. Yummy sammies, fruits and COOKIES!

Friday brunch generously provided by work. Mediterranean, American or dim sum? DIM SUM hands down!


I had two enjoyable lunch dates this month with two lovely ladies. I had a sweet but very short date with Amiga at Poke Bar at the Twitter Building in SF. She had to run to her meeting but it was great to catch up. I also got to enjoy a nice lunch with Karen at Kagawa-Ya in San Francisco where we got to catch up about life and travels over bowls of udon.


I took a much needed vacation day on May 21. Mr Sweetie was away on business trip and I spent the day at home to recharge by playing in my kitchen. I cooked tofu vegetable curry for the first time and it was good. I also finally opened a lovely bottle of Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay which was one of his birthday presents for me in February. He both me few bottles of very nice wines including a French champagne. I kept this one and this day was the perfect day to enjoy it.


BFF and I have this longstanding tradition of waiting a few months to celebrate our birthdays. We have been doing this for almost a decade. When celebrating this way we get to stretch out our special day, we get to celebrate all over again and the pressure of making the actual birthday fun is off! And every year, she spoils me. Every year is special but this year is totally memorable. She really went all out. She treated me to lunch at Waterbar which I would guarantee as one of the beautiful places to dine in San Francisco. Our dishes were delicious including an appetizer of oysters. We enjoyed our lunch and drinks while gazing at the view of the Bay Bridge. Then we walked by Cupid’s Span on our way to the Ferry Building which is our BFF HQ (where we always go or end up each afternoon date). We went for a stroll inside the Ferry Building as we have done dozens of times over the years. Then she gave me my presents which were a collection of the cutest and prettiest things. It was as if the day was gifted to me by the Lord as well because it has been raining, and on that day it was the sunniest and loveliest! Perfect for al fresco dining that she planned.


May was truly a busy month with so many celebrations. I also got sick this month and was off for two days following Memorial Day. (I would later on find out in June that I had bronchitis.) There are so much to be grateful for this month. I am grateful for the beauty of spring this year that was truly remarkable in the abundance of flowers this season. I am grateful for celebrations of life, freedom and love. I am grateful for the most delicious meals provided to me and shared among my friends and family. I am thankful for my job that celebrates accomplishments and hard work. I am grateful for Mr Sweetie who shares my joy of travels and adventures. For BFF who blesses me with her friendship and generosity. For faith, friends, family and simple joys. I am thankful for all of the blessings of grace, joy and provisions.


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