Sunday inspired | april 28, 2019

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This is the first post in my Sunday Inspired series. I want a space where I can keep all the awesomeness that I come across with throughout the week. Please note that I am keeping it so not specific by using “awesomeness” because truly the universe, people and life in general are awesome in sweet yet sometimes hard way of treating us.

Sunday Inspired series is for appreciating the creative people who bring beauty to the world through their cooking, the way they capture a moment through their lens, their words, etc. It is for keeping recipes that I hope to try in my kitchen next time. Maybe a reminder to check out a book or a movie, or that article that is uplifting, thought provoking and inspiring.

So here is the first in the series that I hope to post every Sunday. And what a perfect day to post what can only bring a whole lot of positive vibes and inpiration for the week to come!

  • I fell in love with this beautiful baking blog, Sweet Styled Home.
  • I am determined to try to make the Coffee Dulce De Leche Muffins from Sweet Styled Home that I bought a can of dulce de leche today. I also just need to get a small bottle of Kahlua coffee liqueur and instant coffee.
  • I am so glad that I found Everything Looks Rosie. Her photos are magical!
  • 3 times a charm! I tried two recipes for Cheese Coin Cookies. The 3rd one’s the winner. I baked those cookies tonight and I finally found the perfect recipe. Will post the recipe soon. (Also excited to attempt a photo shoot for these yummy, savory cookies! Ha! Ha!)
  • Loving spring here in the Bay Area! Flowers everywhere are bursting at the seams! It is a riot of colors all over!
  • Umm, this also means allergy season! Mr Sweetie got me a box of Claritin and they actually provide great relief from itchy eyes and throat!
  • I think I might finally commit to a photo filter which is “drama” on Snapseed. I am such in awe of blogs with cohesive themes such as this cozy blog — Little Winter. She is kind enough to share with me her photo editing technique. She got it perfected! Let me see how long I will last before I deviate from posting a dramatic non-bright photos!
  • While the blogs I have mentioned so far are so organized and cohesive, I love Shutterbean‘s versatile creativity, and her Intentions For The Week.
  • Since I took a day off sometime this week, I am planning to go to a cafe, drink a latte and take a pretty photo of my coffee, just like what I did on my Perfect Me Time Birthday In San Francisco.

Thank you for Sharing your creativity because you provide me with a daily dose of inspirations!

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