Pleasanton | uncle yu’s at the vineyard

Mr Sweetie and I realized that we have not had a sit down Chinese dinner in many years. All of our Chinese meals were home delivered. Because of this, our dinner at Uncle Yu’s was a treat. We enjoyed eating freshly cooked, hot Chinese food that was not in our living room in front of television and eating out of takeout boxes.

Our dinner at Uncle Yu’s at the Vineyard was to celebrate Mr Sweetie’s nephew’s birthday. This Chinese restaurant is more like a higher end PF Chang’s. It is Americanized Chinese food. It was attractive with big busts of buddha’s head. We were seated at a round table with a lazy susan. The lazy susan has proven to be very efficient for family-style setting.

Because our party of about 30 were seated 45 minutes late despite our reservation, we were given appetizers to compensate. We were given a pretty plate of dumpling, egg roll and ground chicken in lettuce, along with a selection of 3 sauces. We were also given an extra dish of sweet and sour eggplant. Everyone enjoyed this one.

Then dishes kept on coming where the lazy susan did its magic. We just piled a generous portion of each dish on our plate. I really like on the walnut prawns the best. I also had the beef with broccoli, chicken with green beans, sweet and sour chicken, kung pao chicken and fried rice. I passed up on some dishes including the chow mein.

Despite the frustrating wait for our table and hostess who was inexperienced and needed more training in customer service, we had an enjoyable dinner at Uncle Yu’s. Having a nice cocktail list is a big plus.

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