Rainy Day Girls Day

100 Happy Moments #49:

Rainy Day Girls Day




Girls Day 2016

Life happens. I met the love of my life 9 years ago. Amiga Mejor had babies. J finished her graduate degree.  Moving into new homes. Taking care of our parents. Sad events and happy events. Tears and laughters. My best friends and I are so blessed to have each other to share these events with all these years.

My house was the default bachelorette’s pad when I was single for almost 3 years before I met the BF 9 years ago. After a hard breakup from a previous relationship, my girlfriends rallied and the first Girls Day at my house happened. Ha! Ha! It became one of the many until about 7 years ago before the events I mentioned above took place.

My BF is very supportive of my need to spend time with my friends. He clears the house to give me space to spend  time either with my friends or family. And I am so happy that my best gals and I found the time to get together again for one more Girls Day. It was kind of bittersweet. Now we are older, wiser but thankfully more stable in our careers, family and relationships.

So this time we did what we always do during Our Day – a bunch of  girls just wanting to let our hair down for an afternoon, put our feet up, drink plenty of bubblies and eat delicious food. Just girls, no guys allowed except one time we allowed one of our gay friends to visit. Ha! Ha!

As always we had plenty of sparkling wines and yummy eats. And this time they were all vegan and vegetarian which made stuffing ourselves almost guilt-free. We had:

  1.  Kale, cranberries and nuts salad with vegan poppyseed dressing and fruit salad – from me and J.
  2. Pasta with sundried tomatoes EVOO, artichokes and fresh mushrooms – I cooked this and it was a hit!
  3. Samosas with mango chutney which I picked up from Ananda Fuara in SF – delish!
  4. Bubbly rosé, couscous, pesto dip and hummus from A – also really yummy.
  5. Mediterranean platter with spanakopita, dolmas and feta cheese, and quiche bites from BFF.
  6. Chips and sauvignon blanc from Amiga Mejor.

We ate and gossiped in the dining room and moved the fun into the living room. As  quoted by Julia Child, “A party without a cake is just a meeting” we devoured our vegan cakes also from Ananda Fuara:

  • Almond Coconut Cake
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

At this point we surprised Amiga Mejor by bringing her a slice with a candle in it, singing “Happy Birthday” and giving her her presents.

For 5 hours we indulged on sparkling wines, healthy delicious eats and cakes.  We took turns on the massage chair. J and BFF spoiled us once again by having presents for all of us. BFF and J painted their nails in between.  The fireplace was lit while it was raining outside. Five women who will always be young girls at heart. Always the best of friends. It was one of those perfect cozy rainy afternoons yet you feel warm inside. I am so thankful for the blessings of our friendships. And looking forward to many more Girls Days until we are 101 years old. @hungrygirlinsf

01. 22. 2016

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