100 Simple Joys

41. Freshly Baked Strawberry Muffins and Coffee While Staying Home on Sunday


It is rare that I get to stay home in my pajamas all day on a Sunday. Sunday means having to drive for an hour to attend church and having lunch with my family after the service. Waking up early every Sunday  when I could have had another day to sleep in can be kind of brutal most especially if I stayed up until past 1 am with the BF just watching movies on Saturday night.

However, I look forward to Sundays. I  love picking up my 12 year old nephew and so he can go to church if his parents are working. Sometimes we go straight to Jollibee  after the service to eat Chicken Joy, rice and gravy and have a tita-little nephew bonding time. Attending the worship service  gets me grounded. It gives me joy and hope for the coming week. The people at my church are so welcoming. And I get to see my brother, sister-in-law, sister, nephews and niece, and sometimes other members of the family. Then I have lunch with them and hangout until 4 pm. Sunday is family day. I consider myself blessed to be a part of a loving and close family who feed me delicious Filipino food.

Lately though, between work, relationship and family, I am really in need of a quiet moment by myself. Evenings during the week are mostly having dinner with the  BF after work, going to sleep and getting ready for the next day. Saturday is hanging out with him all day and going on date nights. Alone time is very hard to come by.

Today, I decided to stay home and do the things that I have been wanting to do but work gets in the way. After I got over the initial guilt of not attending church and seeing my family (most especially after my sister texted me pictures of what my brother-in-law cooked for me for lunch), I vowed to enjoy my day. After the BF left the house to visit his own family, I started to really enjoy the peace and quiet of the house. I took a shower while waiting for the strawberry muffins to finish baking in the oven (and they were delicious!), and changed into another set of pjs. (As you can already tell, pj’s are my fashion choice when at home.) I made myself a delicious breakfast of sea salt focaccia (from Munchery) with herb butter, fried egg and two strawberry muffins. I drank two cups of coffee with breakfast and just read in my pjs while my cat parked himself by my feet. Pure bliss!

I did nothing today but bake, read all day, made a dumpling soup when I got hungry again, talked to my sister on the phone, then make meatloaf and garlic bread for the BF’s dinner. I did all this while living in my pj’s.

This might not be anything to anyone but just a lazy Sunday. I should be out and about now that the weather is lovely again. But this is how I love to spend my day knowing that next Sunday, it is family day all over again – until the next Sunday where I would need to re-fuel once again through good food, books and a quiet day. These are the moments that I always want to remember.


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