With Hungry Girl in SF: BFFs Food Adventure

Chantal Guillon Patisserie (San Francisco)


Chantal Guillon is a French patiserrie in San Francisco which is famous for its macarons. Here you will find macarons of mouthwatering variety – red velvet, salted caramel, rose, chocolate, passion fruit, – you name it.

BFF Hungry in SF and I are not into macarons. Yes, we will savor one or two of these French cookies but that is about it. No wonder we are truly BFF’s.

Thankfully, Chantal Guillon on Howard Street in SF sells more than macarons. It also sells pretty little cakes and pastries. Most of all, it is also a patisserie/cafe where you can sit down, order a teapot of Mariage Frères Tea, nosh on some French comfort food and satisfy your cravings for macarons or sweet pretty little things.


This was exactly what BFF and I did on our short but sweet weekday lunch date. BFF ordered a pot of tea and salmon on toasts while I had an ahi tuna salad. After lunch we treated ourselves to a macaron each. Mine was red velvet. With a cup of hot tea, it satisfied my sweet tooth.


Our lunch was lovely. Our meal was satisfying. And eating at such a spacious eye candy of a place made for a really nice early afternoon with BFF. (Only complaint was the music was way too loud! It was like eating at a club than at a pretty French eatery.)

We will definitely be back to try other French items on the menu such as croque monsieur, brie and ham sandwich, soups,  and definitely those sweet pretty little cakes.

Price of the dishes were really reasonable at about $10 per plate. Macarons are $2.15 each. I did not have to pay because I am such a spoiled gal! Thanks, BFF! My treat next time. xoxo

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