Week in Pics



I can only sigh with relief. It has been a stressful week but a lovely and  sunny week, nonetheless.


  • Kababayan Filipino Restaurant: A “turo-turo” or hole in the wall in the Mission. I got curious and tried two lunch items to-go: dinuguan (pork stew in blood) and sauteed bittermelon. I was being adventurous since I only eat dinuguan if my mom cooked it but it was actually pretty yummy!
  • Share Tea Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea: I hardly drink sugary drinks but I was so parched from thirst that I ended up drinking this. It was okay.
  • Egg and Potato Pie: From California Bakery at SF Civic Center. I totally forgot about this no-frills whole sale bakery that is close to BART. I enjoyed the empanada-like pie and just $2.50 per pie!


  • Veggie Rice Bowl  from The Chairman: A Monday lunch treat
  • Pumpkin quesadilla, mozarella and tomato skewers and salmon toasts at the Friday Party
  • BBQ beef ribs and chicken, nilaga, prawns and rice for Sunday lunch with the family

My Week in Pictures:

  • CUPCAKE TUESDAY – Despite being so busy from work, I had to make a mad dash to pick up my order of 3 dozen Mission Minis cupcakes. My Groupon expires today. It turned out to be a nice trip to the Mission (neighborhood of SF) because 1) I ran into my friend Kat 2) I gave a dozen cupcakes to my mejor amiga Edelmira who came by to my work to pick them up. It was nice to see her and catch-up for a little bit. 3) I left a box of cupcakes in the staff room. My co-workers enjoyed them. 4) The last box was mine and the BF’s which we ate after dinner. 5) I discovered a new eats: Kababayan Filipino Restaurant which I passed by on my way to Mission Minis.
  • NERVE-WRACKING BUT GORGEOUS THURSDAY – The big day arrives. I had to do a presentation at a big all day conference. It went very well but it was nerve-wracking. After the conference ended at 4 pm, I grabbed a cold matcha green tea, walked to Yerba Buena Gardens and sat by the Martin Luther King Fountains. I was a gorgeous day where people were out and about enjoying the sun.  I just sat there for about half an hour and just people-watched while drinking my tea.
  • FRIDAY “POUR YOUR OWN WINE” PARTY – I got invited to another after-hours party. LOL! I celebrated the successful presentation and end of a stressful work week. It was “pour it yourself” wine bar so I poured and I poured while hanging out with friends! LOL! And made a meal of the yummy hors d’ oeurves. Then I went home to the BF and we shared our “take out Friday dinner.” Mine was an egg and potato empanada.
  • MEDITERRANEAN & PIE SATURDAY DATE NIGHT – The BF and I tried a newly opened Mediterranean place in the hood – Ba Bites. We thought it was just okay so we went to Nation’s and bought banana cream pie and sweet potato pie after dinner. We went back home to watch our shows while eating the pies.
  • GOODBYE MOMMY & DADDY SUNDAY – My parents’ last Sunday before they flew back to Manila. After church, my parents and I went to my sister’s house for their last Sunday lunch in the US before they leave on Friday. My brother-in-law bbq’d a huge tray of beef ribs and chicken. My mom made my favorite nilaga (beef soup) and sauteed prawns which were what I ate since it will be a while until I can have my mom’s cooking again. My dad and nephew attacked the bbq ribs. It was a nice afternoon. My sister and I helped my pack a little. My brother’s family could not make it but we had many, many meals with them in the past anyway. 

I have so much to be grateful for this week. I am  very thankful to the Lord for the guidance and wisdom during my presentation, and the energy during the stressful work week. I am so happy to see my friends and spend a little bit of time with them despite our very busy schedules. And I am very thankful for my parents and family for togetherness until we share our meals again someday soon.

Another week that is so full of delicious moments, yummy eats, lovely times with friends, family love and God’s blessings.

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