Date Night at Ba-Bites (Oakland)


Ba-Bites is a casual dining Middle Eastern restaurant  and the latest addition to the Piedmont Neighborhood in North Oakland.

The BF and I both love Mediterranean food. I decided to check out this new eatery for a laid-back date night. The place is very vibrant and colorful with vivid colors on the walls.


  • Vegetable Tagine with couscous, roasted squash, chermoulla $12
  • Butternut Squash Salad with arugula, shaved Manchego cheese (half-order) $4.5     

The BF:

  • Roasted Eggplant Majadera with spiced rice-n-lentils, fried onion, tahini yogurt sauce $12 with Lamb Shishlik spiced kabob $6

We shared:

  • Olive Oil and Pine Nut Hummus Platter ‘the classic’ $8
  • Complimentary olives and pickled veggies

This place has garnered a consistent overall score of 5 stars on Yelp. It was decent but not quite those many stars for us, not even 4 stars. My tagine was on the dry side while the BF was disappointed that the lamb kebab was served on top of the majadera minus the skewers and buried under yogurt. The bread served with the hummus was not the soft pillowy pita breads that we like so much. It was on the hard side. However, I like that the dishes tasted light, fresh and full of flavors.

I will hold off on the verdict until my next visit because I am really planning to go back. Maybe we missed something that others were able to enjoy during their visit.

Check: $58 including 1 soda, tax and tip

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