07.05.15, Sunday


My parents flew back to Manila 2 days ago on Friday night at 11:30 pm. My siblings and I, sis and brother-in-law, the BF and my uncle/aunt saw them off at the SF International Airport. It was bittersweet. Today is my first Sunday at home by myself in almost a year. Since July 28 of last year, I spent every Sunday with my parents and family except those few Sundays when I was sick with the flu or cold. I miss my mom and dad very much. I did not go to church because I know that that was when I will be really feeling not having them with me when I sit next to family without our parents. It has not fully hit me yet. Maybe because today I finally had time for myself without the guilt that I should really be spending every moment with my parents whenever I could, instead of skipping a Sunday without them.


The dining room! The BF gave me a wine refrigerator a month ago but I just did not have the time to even take it out of the box. Today he helped me set it up. I am happy with my new toy. At the same time, I moved the dining room furniture around. My dining room looks more spacious!


The whole house. I am OCD when it comes to being clean and neat. I love it when the house is clean and organized, and I usually do a thorough cleaning on Sundays.


Your blogs! I enjoy reading food/travel/personal blogs tremendously. I like to really read them knowing the author has out a lot of effort into writing a post. I usually read blogs on Sunday afternoons, or any quiet moments I get. When my parents were here, I had no time since I spent my Sundays with my family from 8 am to 6 pm every week. By the time I get home, it is time to cook and my time with the BF.

Also Reading

2 books at the same time: Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen and The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith. And 1 book on Kindle: Aunt Dimity Digs In by Nancy Atherton. (This light cozy mystery is what I read to put me to sleep.) I can finally read on Sunday afternoons. 


Or trying to block it out – the noise from the new wine fridge! Darn! This little thing is noisy!


The peace, quiet, the cozy sunny turned gloomy weather, and the view of my little backyard with its flowers while the BF is out of the house. As much as I love hanging out with him, he is always watching TV while I am more of a reader. This is when I do my blogging which also leads to wrong spelling, grammatical issues! I cannot read and write unless it is totally quiet!


Totally forgot that I was going to attend a summer street fair today until it was already 4 pm! Darn! I have no regrets though because I am enjoying my me time and I accomplished a lot today.

Eating and Drinking

Leftover sausage link and beans from yesterday’s 4th of July bbq, coffee and chocolate babka from TJ for lunch at past 2 pm after I finished cleaning and showering. (The babka was so yummy!) And a Reese’s PJ cup (from the jar in the picture).


This afternoon, I planted the chili pepper seeds that my aunt gave me and re-potted the lavander bush that I bought 2 months ago! Hope they grow!


PJ’s, tank top and fluffy slippers! I would wear nothing else but pj’s if I could!


Chicken taco with pico de gallo for dinner.


For the BF to come home.


Forward to a meeting my new team mate tomorrow, lunch date with BFF Hungry Girl in SF at Chantal Guillon Macarons in SF, hoping to finally see Jurassic World on Saturday! Going back to church on Sunday to also see my family and buying a lot of Asian goodies in San Jose. And a nice week ahead!

Thanks to Lost & Free for the yummy cupcake pictures on my laptop!

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