Week in Pictures


This must have been my busiest week that I have had in a while! I remember thinking “I just need to survive this week and the next one.”  It was not a bad week but just packed with the demands of work and family. However, it was also packed with a lot of fun activities. Something went on almost everyday. Needless to say, I was exhausted but happy.

Monday: Wine Reception

  •  I got invited to an after-hours reception with lots of wine and hors d’ oeurves. I only stayed for half an hour but what a nice way to start the week off socializing and imbibing!

Tuesday: Full Day with Mom and Dad at The Great Mall.

  • My parents are getting ready to go back to the Philippines and they wanted to say “bye” to their little friends. 🙂 I took the day off, picked my parents up from my sister’s house in San Jose and drove them to the Great Mall.
  • After having lunch with them (food sucked at the food court!) and while the cute little old people were reminiscing about their young days, my mom, aunt and I went shopping. I scored a cute Calvin Klein skirt and blouse on sale! Also got a pair of fluffy slippers and candle.  The traffic on my way home was atrocious! It was so freaking hot in San Jose and I sat in my car from 4:15 pm to 6 pm!  Despite the stress, it was a nice Tuesday spent with my parents.
  • Warriors won! Yay! The BF and I sat on our patio looking at the fireworks and met some of our neighbors. It was a fun evening!

Wednesday: Yerba Buena Gardens and Lunch with my Parents in the City

  • As soon as I got home yesterday evening from hanging out with my parents, I got a phone call from them telling me that the passport office made a mistake on my dad’s passport by mispelling our last name. The passport office is not far from my work.  I met up again with my parents in San Francisco at 10 am.
  • My parents are youthful but the walk on long SF blocks was too much for my dad. I left them to relax in the cool shades of Yerba Buena Gardens which was gorgeous this time of the year while I inquired at the passport office.
  • We still ended up having to send back the passport by mail and it all worked out in the end. Despite the unproductive visit, I am glad that I got to spend the beautiful morning with my parents at Yerba Buena and have lunch with them at the Westfield Shopping Center. They enjoyed their salmon rice bowl  at Kichi Grill while I had sushi. Expensive but decent! I walked them to BART, kissed them bye then made a mad dash back to work at 1 pm. Whew! What a day!

Thursday: Movie “Me Time

  • The BF went on the family’s annual male-only Father’s Day camping. I had the whole house to myself. I spent the evening watching the 80′s movie Sixteen Candles. It is rare that I have these quiet moments and I enjoyed it as much as I missed the BF.

Friday: Cinderella Moment/SF City Hall’s 100th Year Anniversary

  • “Cinderella” moment because I did not come home until almost midnight! (Well, the BF was away anyway! LOL!) Once again I got invited to an after-hours party to celebrate San Francisco City Hall’s Centennial  Anniversary. I was just planning to have a glass of wine and some appetizers but I ended up having lots of wine and food! LOL!
  • I  hungout with work friend Ellen and we left the party to  check out the concert, street performers, food trucks, etc. Civic Center was transformed into something magical with all the beautiful lights.
  • Since it was already past 8 pm and the light show was starting at 9:30 pm, we decided to go back to the party, drink more wine and eat.
  • The City Hall Light Show was worth waiting for! It went on for many minutes!
  • Got home at past 11:30 pm. I have not stayed out with friends like this since my single days, I think!

Saturday: Time To Relax!

  • It was non-stop activities and fun that I was pooped by the time the weekend came. I just stayed home and took advantage of the BF being away. I did a lot of chores such as cleaned the entire house,  organized 2nd bedroom closet, donated wine corks to Reuse Depot and washed the bedsheets and quilt.
  • I used a face mask (divine!) and I only went out to pick up noodles and dumplings at Yu Yu Za Zang.
  • I did not want to go to sleep yet because I did not want the day to end. I read and blogged then I did not have a choice but to go to sleep at almost 1 am.

Sunday: Father’s Day

  • After church, my parents and I went straight to my brother’s family’s house for lunch. My sister-in-law went all out and cooked shrimp and veggies in coconut milk, pakbet (fish with okra, eggplant and string beans), barbecued lots of ribs, chicken and fish. Then we decorated the table with banana leaves. Father’s Day Filipino-style where we celebrated my dad, brother and sis-in-law’s dad!

What a week! I am so grateful for the blessings of my parents, for the joyful moments of being able to spend time with them and for friends who remember to invite me to their functions where I can drink wine and eat for free! LOL! I am thankful for breaks and quiet times for myself despite the craziness of life. I really appreciate working in San Francisco where fun things always happen. And a job that is flexible enough to allow me to take off when I need to.  I am very thankful to the Lord for  blessing me with my loving dad in his old age and being able to celebrate another Father’s Day with him. 

A week that was truly full of joys and blessings.

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