Food Crush # 12: Yu Yu Za Zang (Oakland)

Yu Yu Za Zang aka Chef Yu is a small mom and pop restaurant advertised as a Chinese Restaurant in North Oakland. However, it is owned by Koreans and Korean dishes make up half of its menu.

This has been my go-to place for  Za Zang (aka Jja Jang Myun) and  mandu or dumplings for years even from its old location few blocks down the street. 

I ordered these again for my solo dinner while the BF was out on the annual male-only family camping every Father’s Day.

I had the following:

  • Za Zang (aka Jja Jang Myun) $8.95: Za Zang Myung is a Korean noodle dish that originally came from the Chinese noodle dish Ja Jiang Mein. It is a noodle dish with pork and black bean sauce. Side dishes include pickled daikon and raw white onions.
  • Mandu or poached dumplings $5.95

The portions are generous. Both dishes were good and they will always be among my comfort food.

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