Week in Pics


Not much happened this week but it was still a yummy one as you can tell from the pictures!


  • Combo Banh Mi from Sing Sing: Headcheese, pate, pickled veggies and jalapeno. What’s not to love?! This is my most favorite banh mi in SF. I had this on Tuesday for lunch.
  • Carne Asada Burrito from Pancho Villa: I was hankering for a burrito. I always get mine from Pancho Villa. It might not be considered the best Mexican food in SF but they do not use MSG (which my mortal enemy!) and they use fresh ingredients. I only like regular burrito (sans queso y sour cream) and it hit the spot! They even have tofu burrito but it was not that great so I always choose meat.

New Food Find

  • Egg Boat from Market Hall: I have gotten all kinds of pastries from Market Hall but ignored the egg boat  which is an egg and bacon on top of a crusty bread. It was delicious and I will be getting it again! Yums!


  • There is a serious drought in CA but we got a surprise storm on Wednesday. I rained all day. You can tell from the wet ground at the farmers market. I still went despite the rain. And the plants were happy!

Saturday Date Night

  • Date night was attending a graduation/birthday party of one of BF’s cousins. The celebrant was accepted at UC Davis and the family is really proud. It was at a yacht club. We had tacos and the BF got me a pineapple and rum cocktail. It was a nice evening. 

Sunday Lunch with the Family

  • After church my parents wanted to eat at Jollibee. We took the little ones: my nephew, Matthew and niece, Emily with us. The kids went all out and ordered Chicken Joy, Spaghetti, Mango Peach Pies and Pandan Bubbles. OMG! I learned my lesson to not say “Just order whatever you want.” LOL! My parents and I had fun watching them eat, though. They ate everything. It was my first time at Jollibee in the US in many years! Why did I wait so long! How I missed eating Chicken Joy and rice! It was a fun Sunday with the family. (Despite the fact that my sister in law and brother took off and left us to babysit all afternoon!)

I am grateful for the rain, abundant blessings of food and  fun memories of mealtimes with my family.

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