Post-Movie Dinner at Ssiso (San Francisco): Korean with an American Twist

Pre-Movie Dinner: Pa‘Ina Lounge | Movie: The Avengers at the Kabuki

After watching the Avengers at the Sundance Kabuki, the BF and I looked for a restaurant that was open late. Ssiso is open until 11 pm on Saturdays.

Ssiso describes their cuisine as:

“An innovative approach to Korean cuisine, using both traditional
elements and contemporary spins with fresh ingredients and clean
presentations. Blending street foods and regional dishes with new age
flavors while maintaining our roots.“

Maybe that was why I was not so impressed. (And in fairness, I had a cold). The BF thought his food was good then changed it to “It was okay.”  I was expecting a traditional Korean restaurant. Not Ssiso’s fault that I was not aware that theirs was  contemporary-style Korean food. 

We had:

  • Haemul Pajeon for me      $15.95  – Seafood scallion pancake
  • Bulgogi Mash for the BF $19.95 – Grilled beef with mashed potato
  • A side of rice for me
  • 6 ban chan came with our meal

There are many very good Korean restaurants close to where we live in North Oakland. Casserole House remains to be our favorite for authentic Korean  in North Oakland where we get  14 ban chan, pajeon is complimentary and 2 dishes for half the check at Ssiso. Given Ssiso’s location in SF the higher price point is understandable and it not really an issue for us. The  huge space is also cool with a movie being projected onto a wall.

 Ssiso was okay but it was just that we had better.

Check: $60 including soda and tip

It was okay. ♡ ♡ ♡

Date Night: 05.30.15

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