Pre-Movie Bites at Pa’ ina Lounge (San Francisco)

Pa ‘Ina Lounge is our go-to place for pre-movie meals and drinks in Japantown. It does not matter even if we only have 15 minutes before the movie starts. We always make it to the show on time. It is conveniently located right next door to Sundance Kabuki.  (Sundance Kabuki is our favorite theatre because we can reserve our seats on-line for a fee, and we can drink wine, beer or cocktails while watching a movie!)

We had tickets to watch the Avengers when the BF suggested we get something to eat before going to the theatre. We had:

  • Kalua Pig Gravy Fries w/ Mozzarella Curds and Jalapeno
  • Pig Sliders with Lilikoi BBQ Sauce in Pandesal Buns

We have been here many times and the Hawaiian-inspired dishes always hit the spot. Our friendly server made sure that we were in and out in less than 30 minutes when we told her we had a reservation next door.

Nice lounge with fun and yummy dishes. 

Check: $28 including soda and tip


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