Week in Pics



  • COLD!
    (If catching a cold can be considered a “highlight” but it definitely
    ruined my weekend!) Unbelievable! When my cough was finally going away
    and I was starting to feel better from the flu, I caught a nasty cold! Runny nose and
    more coughs! I was only better for 2 weeks before I got sick again! At
    least no fever this time but just really annoying cough that kept the BF
    up at night and the people on the train slowly moving away from me
    during commute hours. Ugh!

New Eats:

  • Chia Seeds:  I read so much about edible chia
    and its health benefits. (The only chia seeds I know were the ones
    being sold at Walgreens as chia heads! LOL! Do they still sell them?) I
    finally broke down and tried it. The one I tried was mixed in with oats
    and blueberry. Not bad. Glad I tried it and I do not mind eating it
  • Rice bowl at the Chairman Truck. Not
    my first time at The Chairman
    but it was my first time trying the rice
    bowl. I added crispy tempeh and fried egg as my toppings mixed in with
    pickled radish, mushrooms and veggies.  Massive portions and good! Will
    go back again!
  • The Homeroom: Finally tried this
    famed mac & cheese eatery in North Oakland. Even folks from SF
    cross the bridge to indulge their mac and cheese fantasies at The Homeroom. The BF had the
    chorizo m&c while I had the sriracha. They were good, comforting
    (and dangerous!)

Here’s the breakdown of my week:

  • Wednesday: Solo lunch at The Chairman where I had the rice bowl.
  • Friday Lunch:
    Lunch with my former boss and his wife, GBF Russell, Cathy and my
    current boss. It was a nice reunion after my boss and I did a training
    together. We had lunch at Golden Era Vegan (Tenderloin) in SF since my boss’ wife is vegetarian.
  • Friday To-Go Dinner: Mac and Cheese take out from The Homeroom to Go. The BF and I ate it while watching our shows. It was a yummy way to celebrate TGIF!
  • Saturday Date Brunch: No wonder I had been so tired all week! I was coming down with a bad cold and it finally happened today! Instead of date night, we had brunch at The Black Bear Diner so
    I could just rest all day. I wanted comfort food (again! Just like the
    mac & cheese from last night.). Sadly, I could not taste my pancakes
    and biscuits because of my cold. The BF bought 3 kinds of pies, though
    apple cinnamon, strawberry and chocolate pies. Those pies cheered me up. 🙂
  • Saturday Dinner:  Chinese food delivery. I just wanted a bowl of hot steaming wonton soup. 😦
  • Sunday Lunch: Lunch with my parents at the Hawaiian Drive In  in San Jose. My mom did not cook since my siblings had plans after church so it was just me and my mom and dad. I pretty much watched them eat their chicken katsu, fried fish, rice and macaroni salad.
    I had the beef teriyaki but I barely ate it. Thanks, nasty cold bug! At
    least my parents enjoyed their meal and I got to spend time with them.

has been a fun week with lots of yummy eats despite getting sick again.
It is always heart-warming to spend time with  former co-workers who
have become good friends. And as always, I am very thankful for every
moment that I get to spend with my parents. I am thankful for my guy who
patiently deals with my loud coughing fits at night. It was a good week
that was full of little joys and many blessings.

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