Date Night: Fun Korean-Japanese Food at KoJa at Kitchen (Berkeley)


KoJa Kitchen describes their food as “Korean Japanese Reinvented.”  KoJa originally started out as a food truck in San Francisco and now has its own brick and mortar casual eatery not far from the UC campus.

KoJa is our first stop during our date night food haul in Berkeley. (We also went to Top Dog and Dumpling Express.) I wanted the BF to try KoJa Kitchen because it is one of the food trucks that I like.

So what is a KOJA?

Well, imagine a sandwich or a taco minus the bread or tortilla. Replace those with a pair of crispy rice bun patties instead. Fillings are either BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, miso-braised pork or veggies.

What we had:

  • The BF and I both had the Korean BBQ Beef KOJA $6.95 each  (sauteed onions, pineapple, sesame vinaigrette lettuce,
    red sauce*, and sesame seeds served on crispy fried garlic rice buns)
  • Kamikaze Fries $5.95 (Crisscut fries, minced Korean BBQ beef*, sauteed onions, kimchi**, green onions, red sauce and Japanese mayo.)

I am not a fan of the kamikaze fries because it was on the sweet side. However, I love the KOJA! One patty hit the spot although I could eat another one. Such a cool hand-held snack  with different textures and it is totally delicious!

The BF enjoyed the entire meal and we will definitely go back for more.

Check: $26 before tip with 2 sodas


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