BFF’s Birthday Lunch: Iyasare (Berkeley)

We had a fabulous lunch under the heat lamps at Iyasare to celebrate Heather’s birthday. We sat on the patio despite the chilly day. The meal itself was fabulous!

Iyasare is an upscale Japanese restaurant serving what was listed as among the Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants in 2014 and 2015. Chef Kamio hails from Yoshi’s and Ozumo in SF and Oakland. His dishes are innovative yet traditional at the same time.

Whether Iyasare is really among the Top 100 (given that the Bay Area has thousands of excellent dining options), it is safe to say that our meal was fantastic! Heather and I shared the following:

  • ARUGULA SALAD WITH DUNGENESS CRAB: Simple but very fresh. The crab meat was sweet and generously provide.
  • VEGETARIAN SHOYU RAMEN (tamari soy & vegetable broth / bean sprout / spinach / bamboo shoot / tofu / mizuna): We were not a fan of this ramen because the broth was very light and lacking richness. It might be because it was vegetarian. 
  • KAKIAGE TEMPURA ( burdock root / yellow onion / sweet potato / shungiku / shiitake / prawn): OMG! Two weeks later and Heather and I still talk about this dish! If you are familiar with “Ukoy” which is a Filipino dish of crispy deep-fried savory pancake made with prawns and veggies, this is very similar. This is one was light and so good! Will be back for more!

It was a lovely lunch and fitting for girls trying to have a fabulous time! Heather and I are hoping to hit up this place again next time we do a girls’ day out in Berkeley!

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