100 Happy Moments

     39. Happy Birthday, Heather!

It was a celebration of my BFF’s birthday but the joy was equally mine. I think I can confidently say that the birthday girl had a perfect day, so did I.  It is very rare for both of us to be able to take the day off and live decadently for a day. And on that day, I wanted Heather to feel and be treated like a princess because she makes me feel like one on my birthdays. It was a day of opening presents, having a heartfelt conversation over coffee at a cafe, shopping and a delicious lunch at an upscale Japanese restaurant under the heat lamps. Before calling it a day around 3 pm, we drove back to my house and  opened a bottle of cranberry cosmotini. We clink our glasses to many more happy birthdays after Heather made a wish and blew her birthday candle. Like BFF’s who love all the sweet things in life, we shared a slice of the yummy and pretty Princess Cake. It was a cozy and chilly day. And it was a perfect Friday.

Happy Birthday, Heather and a hundred more……..xoxo

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