Week in Pictures: Memorial Day Edition


Week days during this week were uneventful. However, this holiday weekend was packed with lovely memories.

Fridate with BFF Heather

  • BFF Heather and I took the day off to celebrate her birthday.
  • She came over to my house. After she opened her presents (it is always such a joy to see her happy because she is just so easy to please!),  we drove to the chic Fourth Street in Berkeley where we spent the day.
  • Heartfelt coffee conversation at Artis Coffee about life, our friendship through the years, family, faith and relationships.
  • After shedding a tear or two and laughters afterwards, it was retail therapy at Crate and Barrel outlet and other boutiques.
  • A truly delicious lunch at Iyasare. We sat under the heat lamps outdoors since it was chilly at 1 in the afternoon! Enjoyed  ramen, tempura and dungeness crab salad. Fine food and great company = perfect lunch!
  • The day is always not long enough whenever Heather and I are hanging out.  To wrap up the day before she went home at past 4 pm, we drove back to my house. We toasted cranberry cosmotini to her good health and happiness. We shared a slice of  fabulous Princess cake after she made a wish and blew her birthday candle!
  • Then the BF came home and convinced me  to watch Annabelle. (I do not know how because I never allow horror movies at home. It must have been because I was so happy being able to spend the day with Heather.) Thank God the movie turned out to be more annoyingly stupid  than scary.
  • The BF and I stayed up until 2 am.

Saturday Date Night

  • After sleeping in and lounging around in our pj’s all day brunching and watching tv, the BF and I had a fun date night in Berkeley in the afternoon.
  • Happy to finally try Koja Kitchen – a former food truck turned brick and mortar. We enjoyed our casual but fun meal of beef kojas and kamikaze fries.
  • Then we hit up two more eateries for later noshing – Top Dog for him and pork kimchi dumplings for me from Dumpling Express. 
  • Once again we stayed up until past 2 am watching movies and tv. Since he convinced me to watch a horror movie last night, I made him watch “Garfield” with me. Such a cute movie! 🙂

Super Lazy Sunday

  • I got to stay home as well today. My family went on a day trip to the Hearst Castle but the BF and I opted out since we have both been there already. I also did not go to church since none of my family went.
  •  An extra free day where we slept in until noon! When the BF left  to visit his family for  few hours. I napped again at around 4 pm for an hour! Too much sleeping but it was bliss since I never really get to do this ever!
  • I made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. The BF and I watched “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Finally a decent movie and stayed up again until past 2 am.

Monday Memorial Day Holiday

  • It’s Memorial Day Holiday.  It was the last day of our long weekend. As our yearly tradition, we barbecue even if it was just the two of us and even if the sun did not come out. . We fired up the grill for the first time this year.  The BF bought carne asada and pollo asado which I barbecued in our backyard. I also boiled corn, made pico de gallo served with tortilla chips. He also bought pan dulce which we ate for dessert and wine/root beer for drinks. Lots of food for just two people. It was food coma for me and the BF. Shared the food with my team mates the next day to spread the love. 🙂

I am thankful for…….

This is such a long post over a weekend where nothing really much happened except for BFF’s fun birthday celebration. However, it was a blissful long weekend filled with guilty pleasures that we often we do not get to indulge in. Napping, watching movies, staying up  and sleeping in. And lots of eating and R&R. Fridate with Heather set up the mood for the beginning of a very zen and fabulous weekend. So happy that I can finally spoil her as she spoils me on my birthdays and always!  So grateful for the perfect day with her and a perfect weekend with my guy where we were like two little kids playing hookey! A week later, I was still basking in the memories of this gloomy, sun-less, chilly yet cozy weekend

Thankful for our blessings of our simple life,  togetherness, friendship and freedom.  We are grateful for the men and women who fought and continue to fight so we can  enjoy our lives here in the US. Our thoughts  are with them and their families. Despite the indulgences of this holiday, they were remembered in our prayers.

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