Date Night: Fentons Creamery (Oakland, CA) 


If you have seen the Disney film “Up”  then you have heard of Fentons Creamery. Fentons was the ice cream shop that grandpa and the little boy had ice cream at the end of the movie. 

Fentons is dangerously close to where we live but the BF and I had to make a conscious decision to stop going two years ago. We used to walk to Fentons almost every Saturday night in the summer time until we gained 5 lbs by the time summer was over. Yikes!

Fentons was founded in 1894 and has been around providing delicious ice cream sundaes made in-house. The creamery has a very cozy and family neighborhood feel giving free ice creams to Oakland firefighters and A’s fans. On a warm summer night, the place is packed and jumping even at close to midnight.

On our last trip to Fentons,  the BF and I  had to sing three rounds of “Happy Birthday” because customers have to sing  along when one of the diners is celebrating a birthday. It is a very fun and happy place!

We had:

  • Chili Cheese Dog for me
  • Pastrami Sandwich and fries for the BF
  • Fentons Sundae for the BF
  • A kid’s scoop of Rocky Road for me

The BF and I have many years of fun nights at Fentons. This summer season, we will be back again for more but probably not every single Saturday night! (So stay tuned for more yummy ice cream pics!)


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