TWO WEEKS in Pictures

05. 4 -17. 2015

Instead of a weekly recap, I am doing a recap for two weeks. Let us blame the lack of action on the irksome flu bug.

Week One: May 4 – 10

Cinco De Mayo: ¡Hola! The week started out festive. The BF suggested that we celebrate Cinco De Mayo with margaritas.My non-drinker guy mixed up  some pretty yummy margaritas using the fine tequila that his parents gave us from their trip to Mexico. We are both non- hard liquor drinkers but  sharing these drinks was a treat on a Tuesday evening at home!

Cherries: Sweet, fat, luscious cherries from the farmers’ market. Summer is here! If only the sun will come out!

Foodie Adventures with BFF:  So much fun on Thursday despite me staring to get sick. BFF Heather and I went to the famed bakeshop in SF,  Mr. Holmes, and did a pastry haul.  Then we had lunch at The  Chairman. Those bao were yummy. It was a short and sweet lunch meetup but super-fun!

Pretty Things and Friendship:  Every time I see Heather, she always gives me little gifts that really make my day.This time I got some pretty notecards, pens and Condensada Skyflakes crackers – the snacks of our childhood in the PI. Thanks, Heather, for always spoiling me!! xoxo

THE FLU!:  I started feeling under the weather on Monday but by Thursday, I got REALLY sick! After meeting up with Heather and finishing the work day, I had the chills and could barely walk. The BF had to pick me up from the train station. That evening I had 102 fever, having vicious coughing fits and was bed-ridden for 4 days from Thursday to Monday.  I went back to work on Tuesday which was a bad idea. I had to be in bed again on Wednesday. My constant companions were my cat, blanket, book and cups of tea for a whole week! The worst part was I missed celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and the whole family. 😦

Japanese Food Saturday Date Night: Since I was too sick to go out, we had Japanese  food delivered at home from Sushiya, a mom and pop Japanese neighborhood restaurant. It was delish. We had sushi, gyoza, beef udon for me and bento for the BF. It was actually pretty nice despite not being able to go out.

Week Two: May 11 – 17

THE FLU!: Yes, the flu strikes again. I got better enough to go back to work on Thursday but the BF caught the bug. He became ill as well.

Pizza Saturday Date Night: Once again, we could not go out because the BF was too sick that we had pizza delivered at home.

Family Time: Since I was still not 100% on Sunday, I did not go to church but I missed my parents. I went to have lunch with my family at my brother’s house. My mom fed me pansit (rice noodles) and seafood kare-kare (seafood in peanut sauce) Then the whole family sat together in the living room and watched “Selma.” It was nice to watch a movie with my mom and dad, brother, sis-in-law, nephew and niece. I cannot remember the last time I have done this with my family.

I am grateful for the many blessings during these last two weeks – the gift of comfort and healing, the BF who took great care of me while I was sick; caring friends and co-workers, fun food adventures with BFF that make life delicious and exciting, and  my loving parents who called me constantly few times a day to check up on me while I was sick (despite not being able to come and see me because they do not drive), and being a part of a loving family, as crazy as sometimes we can be! 🙂

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