100 Simple Joys

     39. Spring Flowers

    Spring. My other favorite season right next to fall. I love it when the world wakes up from a deep slumber, birds start singing, the flowers pop their head to dance with the butterflies, when the world just burst in colors…..Spring is joy, hope and possibilities. Spring is when the secret is revealed and what was once hidden is ready to make its entrance to the world – to be admired and to dazzle. 

I am not much of a gardener because I do not have the time. However, the afternoons spent gardening are among my best spring and summer memories. I have a tiny backyard but I pretend that it is a secret garden with my polka dot mushroom garden stakes from a dear friend, solar-powered hummingbird, butterfly and bee lights that the BF gave me as  presents that light up at night, and a little fairy tucked away somewhere among the flowers.

I was playing with our new Canon  and I captured some of the flowers in my garden. I do not what their official names are but I gave them nicknames:

  1. Lemon flowers because they are yellow like lemons and smell like lemons.
  2.  Hummingbird flowers because the hummingbirds love to suck the nectar in the late afternoon.
  3. Trumpet flowers because they are long like pink trumpets ready to serenade us with summer jazz.

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