100 Blessings

     22. Creature Comforts While Sick with the Flu

Creature Comforts: something (as food, warmth, or special accommodations) that gives bodily comfort

It all started on Thursday with chills while I was still at work.  That evening I had 102 fever. Thankfully, the fever went away after 2 days but a week later, the coughing fits were still maddening.

I have not been this sick in years! I was sick last February with one day flu and  aches that lingered for weeks. However, this one was a big one where I had  to miss work for 3 days and had to stay in bed for 5.

During those missed days at home, the days were  a blur of the BF kissing me bye in the morning, a bath, lots of tea, a bowl of soup, reading and sleeping, him coming home  with over-the-counter meds and food, and more coughing fits at night. 

My constant companions were my fluffy blanket, my cat that is as fluffy as my white fluffy blanket, many cups of tea and a cozy book. It has been a week and half. I am much better although the coughing is still there. I was able to go back to work two days ago. The illness made me feel grateful for the love of my parents, friends and family who  called every day to check up on me. The BF was also a trooper for taking care of me and staying up during my coughing fits.  I am also grateful for the very supportive co-workers who told me to just stay home. (I have worked a place where bosses only cared that you do the work but  had no regard for your health and welfare.)

And mostly, I realized how blessed I am with the things that I take for granted – a soft bed, warm blanket, plenty of food, medicine. love and very comfortable home.  I thought  of the homeless man that I met just few days before I got sick. He was ridden with infection and needed to go to the hospital but refusing to. I thought of how in my illness I was still very comfortable. It is hard to imagine to be so ill and not  have a place to lay your head on, or someone to feed you warm food and worry about you. My heart goes out to him.

And despite the flu, I actually appreciate that I was able to rest, live in my pj’s under a fluffy blanket and devour an old book for few without feeling guilty about it. 

05.07.15 – 05.16.15

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