Week in Pics

04.27 05.03.2015

  • Healthy Diet (Not!): This week I was determined to start a healthy yet pricey diet – sushi and salad. I told myself that I am worth it! Well, I did eat sushi and salad few times this week but the pastries cancelled out whatever health points I scored! 😦
  • Sweet Treats: I often say that I do not have a sweet tooth and I think it is true. I can stop at one small chocolate candy. I do not drink sugary drinks. But pastries are my downfall! This week I had a vanilla vegan donut from Pepples Donuts. (Well at least it was vegan, right?!). I also had a piece of apple pie from Andersen’s.

  • Warm Weather Nachos: It has been hot (upper 70′s) at the beginning of the week. (Yes, that’s considered hot in the Bay Area!)  In order to minimize cooking, I put together a nacho dinner for me and the BF. I cooked the seasoned ground beef and pico de gallo, and ate the chips with shredded cheese, green onions and mango salsa from Costco. Fun and yummy dinner on a warm evening.
  • Yummy Serendipity: When you are starving at 3 pm and you are about ready to go out to take your lunch then your co-workers tell you that there are plenty of catered leftovers of pasta and assorted sandwiches from an event from another department. Life’s nice little unexpected surprises!
  • Pacquiao Drama: The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was the talk of the town most especially if you are Filipino. Manny Pacquiao is a national symbol of how a humble Filipino has made it. Watching the fight was patriotic among us Filipinos. Sadly and disappointingly, I did not get to watch the fight. The BF’s parents asked him at the last minute to provide technical support for the projector during their party.  My family has put together a huge party as well for fight night with barbecues and lots of Filipino food. The BF had to go to his family and asked me to go with him but I told him that I needed to be with my people that evening. I wanted to celebrate (if Pacman wins) or be comforted by my fellow Pinoys (if he loses). The BF is third generation Mexican. When my parents found out that I will be driving by myself to our party, they told me not to come because they did not want me to drive at close to midnight by myself on quite a distance. What did I do? I vent out my frustrations by cleaning my closet. Now I have an organized closet and donated 2 bags of clothes. 
  • Sisig, etc: I did not really miss out since the fight sucked and Pacman lost. And my family saved plenty of leftovers for me from the party which we ate after church. We had sisig, prawns, macaroni salad, grilled fish, chicharon, and turon. Too bad no more calamari and barbequed meats.
  • Birdie: Another trip to Petco with my nephew and parents after church. My nephew bought another parakeet to be Jeff’s (his first birdie) companion. LOL!
  • Dim Sum Haul: My sister and I decided to do a dim sum haul after my parents and brother-in-law passed out after Sunday lunch from the excitement of boxing the night before. 

It has been an interesting week. I am grateful for the unexpected blessings, ability to get over a hurt and appreciate a loving relationship, my family, healthy meals and sweet treats along the way.

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