Girlfriends Pastry Haul:  Mr. Holmes (San Francisco)

Mr. Holmes’ claim to fame is the cruffin. A cruffin is a cross between a croissant and a muffin with surprise fillings inside. It could be s’mores, strawberry cream, peppermint, etc. I was under no illusion that I will find the cruffin when BFF Heather and I decided to do a field trip to Mr. Holmes during lunch time. A cruffin is as rare as a pastry unicorn. And I am not willing to wait in line for 90 minutes (which is the wait time for a ration of two cruffins per foodie) for ANY food unless it is the end of the world or it is manna from heaven.

The first time I lusted after Mr. Holmes, though, was when I saw pictures of “I got baked in San Francisco” hot pink neon sign on  Instagram, and when I saw my co-worker holding two boxes of Mr. Holmes that looked like fancy designer shoe boxes. That’s when I moved Mr. Holmes up on my foodie list.

Then the text from BFF Heather came.  We got to the bakeshop at around noon on a Thursday. There were only about 4 people ahead of us. There were still plenty of pastries but you can tell that the supplies were dwindling. I did not even bother to ask about the cruffin. Heather and I almost picked identical pastries. In order to get the box, you have to order 6 pastries. I got:

  •  2 savory tarts: mushroom and artichoke,
  •  Cherry-filled donut,
  •  Apple-cardamom tart
  •  Plain croissant
  •  Blueberry tart


The BF devoured the donut and sweet pastries while I had the savories and croissant. They were very fresh, buttery and flakey. Honestly, San Francisco being the “Paris of the West”, we are blessed with a plethora of delicious bakeshops tucked away in  many  nooks and crannies . Mr. Holmes is good but it is just one of the already many outstanding bakeshops in SF without the hype factor. When the craziness dies down, I might  luck out and get the cruffin without the wait. If not, I will definitely be back for the vanilla cheesecake, passion fruit curd, caramelized banana and strawberry cream donuts!

*Here’s a fun CNN article on Mr. Holmes:

$23 for 6 pastries


It was okay.  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

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