100 Simple Joys

      38. An afternoon with my sister

My sister and I are very close. We used to spend a lot of time together doing what sisters often do – shopping, going out to eat, gossiping, fighting then “kiss and make up”….. As we get older, though, with her being married with a young kid and having to work on most weekends at the hospital, fun sister moments have become rare and quite precious. Yes, we do see each other often but always with our parents and the whole family.

Last Sunday, though, she was off from work. After church and lunch at her house, my parents and her husband passed out from the excitement of watching the Pacquiao boxing match the night before. I decided to just go home at 3 pm since almost everyone was taking a nap. I told her that I would stop for some Asian snacks on my way home. She suggested, “do you want to get dim sum instead?” Since I am not familiar with San Jose, she decided to drive. My 11 year old nephew was busy on his laptop and did not want to go with us. It was just me and her. 

I really cannot remember the last time when my sister and I hung out when it was just the two of us. Maybe it was before my nephew was born. She used to sleep over at my apartment every Friday night no matter how late she came home from clubbing, we would have brunch on early Saturday  morning then she was off partying again,  Wow! That was like a lifetime ago! Things have definitely changed. 

So this Sunday afternoon was special. We drove to Tai Pan, a hole in the wall dim sum place in San Jose – gossiping while driving just like the old days. After we bought dim sum she dropped me off where my car was parked. Off I went to go home to my own life with the BF, while she went back to her house carrying dim sum for our parents and her family.

I know this might seem like nothing but just less than an hour of being together on a lazy Sunday afternoon doing nothing special. However, these sister moments are rare and precious which is why I have a snapshot of this warm and sunny afternoon in my mind. 

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