Week in Pics


  • DISASTER!:  It was a sad day when I lost my phone’s memory card. I lost all my yummy pictures – over 1000 of them, about 14 months worth of obsessively taking pictures of my meals, many weeks worth of date nights…. Asking my BF, friends and family  to not touch their food until I take bazillion food pics, amusing or annoying them in the process were all in vain! Oh, well, honestly, it was not all that bad. They were mostly food pics. Luckily I used my DSLR for important family moments. Losing my food pics is just another excuse to eat more, take more pictures and create new dining memories.
  • Evening at Twitter: Lucky me, I was my GBF’s (Guy Best Friend) +1 at a fundraiser held at the Twitter building. I am not a twitter but I was there for the free wine and food, and bonding time with my GBF, Russell. It was a fun evening! (Photos: view of SF from Twitter and wine & yummy hors d’ oeuvres.)

  • Simple Joys: Got this sweet teeny purple flowers from the Civic Center Wednesday farmers’ market in celebration of spring.
  • Yummy Weekday Eats: Grilled pork and spring roll noodles dish from Four SeasonsCombo banh mi from Saigon SandwichTofu Reuben for me while the BF had the real pastrami from Morty’s for To-Go Friday with the BF . These places were all in the Tenderloin neighborhood in SF. 
  • Saturday Date Night: I had this genius idea to do a food haul for Saturday date night. The BF and I went to 3 different eateries: Wingstop for what else but chicken wings and fries. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered chorizo quesadilla, posole, loaded nachos and shrimp tacos. Then we went to Arizmendi Bakeshop and got cookies, scones and coffee cakes. We took everything back home and watched a silly but LOL movie — “Let’s Be Cops,“ and episodes of “iZombie” and “Dateline.” Fun and relaxing date night.
  • Mom’s Cooking: My mom madechicken feet adobo among other dishes she cooked after church for lunch. Not my favorite thing but I ate it since I have to enjoy my mom’s cooking while I still can until she and my dad go back to the Philippines soon.
  • Little Birdie: My nephew convinced me to buy him a parakeet. It took a whole week, a set of grandparents and a whole book that he had to finish to convince his parents to say “yes.” And now he has a new furry best friend!

Grateful for all the simple things in life that bring so much joy: friendships, abundance, family, little flowers, the sweet innocence of childhood and little furry friends.

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