Birthday Lunch with BFF Heather @ Kin Khao (San Francisco)


Just like year after year in our friendship, BFF Heather takes me out to a special birthday lunch where I truly get spoiled with delicious meals and drinks, plus an afternoon out to the Ferry Building.

I get to choose the venue as well. This year I chose Kin Khao after hearing so much about it. I also read that it was named by GQ’s magazine as one of SF’ s best restaurants in 2015 AND a nominee on Bon Appetit’s 50 Best US  Restaurants in 2014. Okay! Now, that really got me intrigued!

Located inside Parc 55 Hotel, I expected a chi-chi, snooty Asian restaurant. I was wrong. The decor was like a laid-back eatery and the vibe was casual.

I was sick with the flu on that day but it did not prevent me from enjoying the food. We had:

  • Khao Yum Kai Dao (for me): Fried duck eggs over rice, chili jam sauce, peanuts, shallots, mint, cilantro

  • Bangkok Posh Salad (Heather’s): Little gem lettuce, radicchio, radishes, carrots, crispy
    shallots, crunchy rice cakes, peanut+coconut+rice vinegar dressing,
    topped with a soft boiled egg

I remember that my dish was very tasty and savory. A little bit on the salty side. It was a simple meal that can probably be recreated at home but the chili jam sauce made it lively. I thought “great PMS food!” (Sorry, TMI!) 🙂

We also ordered drinks. Heather had a glass of wine while I had the Mike Thai  that I did not get to finish because I was feeling really sick. However, I enjoyed this well-made Mai Tai with a Kin Khao twist.


A fun place to experience Thai food in San Francisco where the chef hails from Two-Michelin Starred Manresa, and whose owner is dedicated to  re-creating authentic Thai food that you will find in Bangkok.

BFF Heather generously paid for our meal. I know that it was by no means a cheap one. Dishes were in the $15-$18 range. I am just so grateful, so blessed and thinking what a lucky gal I am have to be given an awesome friend like her!

Like! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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