Week in Pictures

03.30- 04.05.2015 (Easter Weekend)

I am so behind in my “Week in Pictures” post but this week was actually a beautiful week and is worth-remembering.  

The highlights of this week were Easter with the family and Me Time! Yes! 🙂


Day 1:

I have been sick during the last 3 weeks of March that I finally decided to take a couple of days off from work to rest.  It also coincided with the BF having to stay at his family’s house for 2 nights. As much as I miss him, a little space away from each other was nice. Plus, I got the whole house to myself for 2 whole days!  Just me and my cat! Yay! So, what did I do?

  • ATE WELL: I made crepes with honey,  cooked cioppino and ate it with baguette and also cooked creamy polenta with fried eggs and parmesan cheese. And enjoyed many cups of coffee!
  • GUILTY, DELICIOUS READS : They were of no substance but delicious guilty-pleasures nonetheless –  romance novel, cozy mystery and Archie comics! And caught up on reading my favorite blogs.
  • FOOD PHOTOGRAPY: Before I devoured my food.
  • SHOPPING:  Went to the chic 4th street  in Berkeley and went window-shopping. I bought some nice stationary and kitchen stuff, etc. I was finally able to delete an item on my  2015 Must Do List which was to buy new plates to replace the old chipped ones.
  • CHORES: Met with my tax preparer and got my 2014 taxes filed.
  • PAMPER: I went to a salon and got all the waxing done! 😉
  • R & R: Cuddled with my cat, slept in, long phone conversations with my sister, and good friend, Rebecca. Blogged late in to the night! I tried to watch a movie on DVD but will have to finish “Sixteen Candles” next time.

Day 2: Lived in my pj’s! Repeat of yesterday’s fun “me time” stuff except I did not leave the house. Oh, so delicious!


Although I felt so much better this week and finally kicked the flu out of my system, I was still too tired to go out. The BF and I decided to order Indian food delivery and stayed in watching movies and TV shows.


Easter was rainy. Instead of going to the park, we celebrated Easter at my brother’s house with my parents, and nephew and niece after church. My mom and sister-in-law cooked up a feast (patatim or Filipino-Chinese stewed pork knuckles, stuffed zucchini, miswa, barbecued beef and chicken). But guess what, I chose to eat only daing (marinated fish in vinegar) and rice! Yum!

Then we hid plastic eggs with $ in the front yard among the plants for Easter egg hunt. My nephew and niece made out with chocolate bunnies and $. It was fun watching them.

I am grateful for feeling healthy again, being able to stop and rest, and life’s little pleasures. I realized that as much as I am capable of being alone and enjoy my “me time,” I miss my guy and the joy he brings me.  I am grateful for the celebration of Easter with my family – another first in many years!

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