Doughnut Dolly (Oakland, CA)

One of my wishes for my birthday in February was to eat a donut. Since Bay Area foodies have been raving about Doughnut Dolly since it moved into the trendy Temescal neighborhood., I thought why not?! A box of Doughnut Dolly is going to be my birthday present for myself.

I walked to this donut shop from my house on a beautiful sunny day.  I was delighted to find this cute shop that is mysteriously tucked away in an alley right next to cool boutiques, ice cream place and coffee shop. It is like a little secret.

I chose whatever flavors they had that day (there are only about 4 flavors a day.) I had the Mexican chocolate, Bourbon, Plum and Naughty Cream. All very pricey at $3+ a piece which I did not mind since it was my birthday.

Without further ado, I realized that I prefer the $.99 donuts from a mom and pop coffee shop. These gourmet, fru-fru cream-filled donuts were okay. I am glad I tried them but please give me an old-fashioned sugar doughnut instead.

I ate two and gave two to the BF who complained that he did not get enough cream in his doughnuts.

Few days later, a box of Krispy Kreme donut appeared in the staff room at work. A bite of glazed Krispy Kreme was what brought me to donut nirvana. Sadly, Doughnut Dolly failed to take me there.

About $13 for 4 donuts. 

It was okay ♡♡♡

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