Week In Pics

 March 16 – 22, 2015

It has been a fun week that was packed with festivities and celebrations despite having another sickie day. Despite the low energy, there were many lovely shared moments with my friends and family.


  • St Patrick’s Day. This Irish Holiday is celebrated in San Francisco although not as largely celebrated as in New York, Boston, Chicago and Savannah.  However, I still love this fun holiday where people wear something green. Otherwise, tradition says, you shall get pinched (although I do not know anybody doing that anymore. Thank God!)  Irish corned beef and potatoes are traditionally eaten. A co-worker brought us an Irish soda bread, and my team mate brought me a clover sugar cookie! Made the day fun and festive!


  • Sick day. I had to call in sick after coughing all night, feeling weak and achy. Grr! At least I got to stay home to enjoy hot cups of coffee and toasted bagel with honey and cream cheese. The BF came home early from work to hangout with me and brought me a salad since I had no appetite for anything.


  • Another birthday celebration! My birthday was in February but my friends keep on spoiling me! I am so lucky! My best gals Heather and Jannette treated me to drinks and tapas at ABV in the Mission. We loaded up on sinful fried stuff like fried kimchi fritters, lamb corndogs, chicken enchilada, boiled peanuts and an endive salad to alleviate our guilt. Had a round of cocktails and shared a big mug of beer. We missed our gal Alexis who could not make it. 😦 It is always so nice to spend time with my girls!
  • More beautiful birthday presents!  Janetita  gave me a beautiful red and orange teapot and a lovely chocolate fine tea. I love, love my presents and my girl who gave them to me!


  • Sweet tooth attack! Stopped by the SF Shopping Center after work and picked up a box of vanilla and cream puffs from Beard Papa to celebrate the end of the work week. I haven’t had Beard Papa in 3 years. I ate 2 while the BF devoured 4! Yum!


  • Chicken Wings and Movie Date Night. Still feeling weak and achy, I really still did not have much energy to go out for dinner. The BF and I went to Home Depot first to buy plants, pots, and garden stuff for the house in celebration of spring. We picked up 30 pieces of parmesan, mild, and Hawaiian chicken wings from Wingstop (with fries, celery/carrot sticks, and bourbon bbq beans) and ate them while watching movies at home. It was actually a fun and cozy date night. (And I love Wingstop!)


  • International lunch with the family. Or what it seemed like. LOL!  We had Italian, Filipino and Vietnamese dishes. My sister-in-law made fettucine alfredo, miswa (a very soft thin rice noodle soup with ground meat and gourd) and barbecue chicken. My mom made fish sinigang (fish in sour broth). There was also chicharon. When I heard what we were having for lunch, I did not know if I would like any of the dishes so I picked up a bunch of Vietnamese dishes before going to my family’s house. My dad and I devoured the fried tofu and the fish sinigang but I never like miswa since I was a kid! 
  • Kids’ Recital. The whole family attended my 9 year old niece’s voice recital after lunch. I was suffering at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon while listening to very cute kids who could not carry a tune. Actually, my niece sang pretty good, and it got a little better with the tweens. Thank God for Instagram which helped me endure the two hour long concert!

I am very thankful to the Lord  for my  beautiful and generous gals who would not let my birthday go by without making sure that I feel special and loved. (Thank you for the generous presents and dinner, Heather and Janetita! xoxo)

I am thankful for my family and the generous meals that we share, and for the guy who makes date night always always a always a fun evening even if we do not do anything but hangout. And I am grateful for the sweet treats and life’s celebrations that make each day beautiful and special.

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