100 Happy Moments

     34. Birthday Presents!

I do not expect presents because I feel like I have all that I could ever ask for that money cannot buy. When I get presents, though, I am happy  not just because I like pretty things but I like presents most of all because it means that my friend or loved one has thought of me. I really appreciate all the thoughts, time and money to make me feel happy and special. How could one not feel blessed?

Every year, on holidays, my birthday or “just because” my friend always generously gives me the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts. And once again, on my birthday this year, I got a chockful of wonderful things: A book “The Happiness Project” and a matching Happiness Project journal, a set of lipgloss, nice soap, and miniature book on friendship. And she wrote the kindest words on a cute birthday that she filled with best wishes for me. I know that I am gushing but I hope I do not embarrass her by writing about her and our friendship a lot on my blog. I just cannot help feeling so blessed for having her in my life. I am looking forward to reading the books and writing on my journal!

Thank you very much for the loveliest birthday gifts, BFF Heather!  xoxo

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