Week In Pics

03.09.15 – 03.15.15

The week dragged on because of the bug that left me feeling achy, weak and miserable since last week! I did not let that pesky flu get the best of me, though, because despite feeling so tired and cranky, I still had a super-fun week! (Thanks, BFF Heather!)


  • NEW BREKKIE: After eating oatmeal every weekday for breakfast for years, I finally switched to eating  Special K cereal with soy milk. And guess what, I remain full until lunch time unlike with oatmeal, 2 hours later at 11 am, I am already starving!


  • BIRTHDAY LUNCH WITH BFF: I am so spoiled and so blessed to have Heather as my BFF. Year after year since we became friends, she spoils me. This year was no exception. We both took the afternoon off  to celebrate my birthday. She treated me to an enjoyable and delicious Thai lunch washed down with  mai tai for me (and wine  for her since we are both off the clock) at Kin Khao which is located inside the Parc 55 Hotel at Union Square. And she gave me lots of presents as well on top of that.

  • FERRY BUILDING: Then we took the BART train to the Ferry Building. A foodie stroll through the Ferry Building is always a must whenever we take the afternoon off. We could not resist  the pastries and cookies at Frog Hollow Farm and bought a few. (Note to self: Get more Peanut Butter and Jam Cookies!)
  • COFFEE AND FRIENDSHIP: After googling every foodstall, tasting samples, smelling the artisanal soaps, slathering on sample lotions,etc, Heather and I bought coffee at Blue Bottle. With the magnificent SF bay just steps away, we just sat on a bench, sipped our coffee and talked. What a glorious few hours of friendship where we  let our hair down and talk about life, books, movies (like how horrible “50 Shades” were), family and of course, food!
  • A LITTLE “ME TIME”: After Heather went home, I decided to go for a stroll along the piers while waiting for the BF to call me to let me know what he wants me to bring for dinner. I did not stay long but it was exhilarating to watch the water and ferry boats with the Bay Bridge in clear view. This part of San Francisco never fails to take my breath away.


  • PIZZA DATE NIGHT: I felt sicker on Saturday that the BF just ordered pizza which we ate while watching movies on DVD, instead of going out to dinner.


  • CUTE FIND: Our church has a “recycle/charity” program where church members donate stuff so others can use/reuse them. I am not above charity when it comes to cute and free stuff. 🙂 I found this cute ring modelled by my 9 year old niece. I love it!
  •  FAMILY:  My mom cooked (what else but) my favorite “nilaga” or boiled beef soup! There were other dishes that my mom made like the fried bangus (milkfish), chicken salad and chicharon, etc but my tummy only wanted nilaga! 🙂


Despite not feeling well, this week was special and truly enjoyable. I  am thankful for my beautiful friend who year after year never fails to make me loved and special on my birthday.  Her friendship is truly a gift from the Lord. I am also thankful for being able to work and live in the breathtaking San Francisco Bay Area where few moments with its natural beauty heal the soul, and where delicious fresh local food from the farms and sea  abound. I am thankful for little joys and ever thankful to the Lord for giving me the gift of my family and a friend for life!

Thank you very much, Heather, for another beautiful afternoon of friendship! xoxo

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