Mockingjay (Book 3 of Hunger Games Trilogy)

The BF bought the DVD and really wants to see Mockingjay. I told him to hold off until I finish this book. I borrowed the ebook version from the San Francisco Public Library and I had 3 weeks to finish it!

I found Mockingjay to be not the cliffhanger that the two previous books in the series were. While I will describe Hunger Games and Catching Fire as high-action novels, Mockingjay was more drama. I also found the technical descriptions of pods/holos a little tedious. I guess such technicalities were necessary since this is a sci-fi novel. However, Mockingjay  still had enough dramatic and suspenseful moments that kept me glued on to my Kindle as I was reading it on the train on my way to work and home.

Mockingjay provided a good closure to the whole post-apocalyptic lives of the people of Panem. It neatly presented the lives of the major players — Katniss, President Snow, Gale, Peeta and Haymitch in a neat bundle. Except for Finnick Odair’s Annie,  I felt that her story was incomplete and neglected. 

What do I really like about this book? It ended on a note of hope. As dark and heart-wrenching as the whole trilogy was, the ending was bright and promising. (My apologies for this minor spoiler.)

Post-apocalyptic genre is not typically something I would choose to read for entertainment.  However, I am still glad that I read The Hunger Games Trilogy because the whole series were well-written. The writer’s style was not patronizing nor solicitous.  The stories were emotionally-taxing at times but the books were easy enough to read, and as I have stated it ended on a good note despite the almost total devastation. I appreciate that the author chose to end this trilogy by highlighting  the resilience of the human spirit. A good and appropriate ending. And I finished it exactly on the day my loan ended! Whew!

(Now, I have yet to watch the movie!)

Here is the synopsis on Good Reads.

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