Week in Pictures: March 2-8, 2015

Gosh! It is hard to believe that we are already in the 3rd month of 2015! This year is going by so fast while I feel like I am constantly on the slow lane. Hope to be able to catch up a little soon! (By that I mean, put a little dent on the 2015 Must Do List!)  This is how the first week of March has treated me:

  • Sick Day: I could not believe that I actually caught a bug! I thought I was pretty tough while my co-workers were dropping down sick like flies. Cold, flu or whatever it was, I was miserable!This time it was not just “Ugh-I-feel-icky-kinda-sick” but I actually had a moderately high fever, non-stop runny nose and had a hard time talking and breathing. I was actually bedridden from Saturday to Monday. I could not go to work on Monday. I was going stir-crazy staying at home but it was a guilt-free excuse to enjoy my coffee in my pjs on a Monday morning when I should be at work, and be able to devour a cozy mystery also guilt-free!
  • Birthday Lunch: My grande amiga Edelmira took me out to Fresh Rolls Vietnamese for my birthday lunch. We met up at South of Market in the City on a sunny day. I had the tofu noodle bowl and it was tasty. Lunch, presents and an hour of beautiful friendship — I am so blessed to have her as my friend!
  • More thoughtful presents: My team mate, Christian, surprised me with a cute fortune plant, chocolate fortune cookies and wishes for a great fortune also for my birthday. Thank you very much, Christian. I am very touched by your thoughtful presents!
  • Date Night: The BF and I were so thrilled to check out this new crepery not far from our house. Dessert was a sweet chocolate and banana crepe and ice cream! Stay tuned for the the full mouthwatering post on Iron Pan!
  • Being spoiled: My parents always ask me early on in the week what I want for lunch  after church on Sunday. I am not sure if they ask my siblings but my mom always cooks what I want. This time I asked for tokwa’t baboy (pig’s ears and fried tofu served with vinegar, soy sauce and garlic for dipping.) Both of my siblings do not eat pig’s ears. Just me! My mom still cooked it for me and all for me! Yum! My mom also made a Filipino chicken soup to go with it. After lunch, my mom and dad, sis-in-law and nephew wanted to go to Goodwill after reading about the man who found a $35K watch at Goodwill but only paid $6. We all went just for fun. I stuck around for a little bit then kissed them all bye and went home. It was fun hanging out with my family including my sister who had to stay home because she had the flu — which I caught AGAIN later!

A week that was full of the love and thoughtfulness of friends and family.  I am grateful for being remembered and cherished, for the sweet treats shared with my guy, and my parents who continue to care for me and love me as if I am still their small child. God abundantly gives out joys, big and small. All we need to do is be willing to open our eyes and heart to see and receive them. They are in every corner in the form of our friends, family and sweet desserts!

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