Girlfriends Dinner @ Gather (Berkeley)

Gather fed not just our body but our soul as well. Farm, passion and sunshine are the words that come to mind as I am remembering every bite that I had this beautiful Berkeley restaurant.  At Gather, it is truly a farm-to-table affair.

Our dinner was very enjoyable. Gather’s  beautiful venue of rich dark wood contributed to the enjoyment of the meal. The ambiance was cozy yet lively.   Every bite was bursting  with clean and fresh flavors. And over well-crafted cocktails and glasses of wine , Jax and I caught up on life and  toasted our many years of friendship.

I walked back to BART feeling fully-satisfied and happy. It was a truly lovely evening that reminded me how fortunate I am to be blessed with such great friend for life. 

Everything was so good and I will definitely go back for the thin-crust pizza with an egg on top! This is will probably go down as one of my best meals in 2015!

♡ Squash Pizza with Egg-:   $18  

♡ Wild Mushroom: sweet potato, celery root, Treviso, crispy quinoa  $16

♡ Albacore Crudo: avocado, Manzanillo olive oil, tarragon     $16

$130 including tip, 2 cocktails and 2 wines


02.05.15, Post-Holiday Dinner with Jax

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