Food Crush #10: Cinnaholic (Berkeley)

A quick detour to Cinnaholic before meeting up with my friend Jax at Gather for dinner. I have been holding on to an expired but still valid Cinnaholic Groupon for over a year. On my 2015 To-Do-List is to use and clean up my expired internet deals. (And believe me, I have Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local coupons going all the way back to 2011!) Cinnaholic is only a block away from Gather so it was a perfect opportunity!

I have always loved Cinnaholic gourmet cinnamon rolls. (Even though I still think that a hot, fresh-off-the-oven Cinnabon rolls are lighter and melt in your mouth.) However, Cinnaholic is local, independent and vegan! Even though I am not vegan, I appreciate being able to enjoy food that are meat and dairy-free once in a while. I happily went home with:

  • The Elvis (peanut butter and banana, of course) for me
  • Chocolate with brownie bits for the BF

Cinnaholic has tons of combo toppings that you can customize which makes it fun to visit this shop. Buns are pricey at $5.50 a piece. The buns are on the dense side but the toppings taste fresh and delicious.

Then I later on found out that Cinnaholic was featured on **Shark Tank **

 I have never seen the show and I do not know what it is about but I guess it explains why my friend told me that there was line out the door when she went.

Celebrity food status or not, I am definitely going back next time in the area. I will try to think of some fun topping combos that I can put on my cinnamon bun next time!

*It was such a beautiful late afternoon afternoon in Berkeley when I went and I could not resist taking a picture of the alley that I passed by on my to Cinnaholic that shouts “You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine.” I was a snapshot of a warm afternoon worth remembering.


2015 To Do List: Use expired Groupons! (One down, 2 dozen expired internet deals to go!)

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