Week in Pics: February 22 – March 1, 2015

  • NEW FOOD FIND: Yummy, crispy falafel sammie with hummus and yogurt at Flying Falafel.
  • SWEET TOOTH: Peach tart from Heart of the City Farmers’ Market. I have forgotten how insanely delicious this pastry was!
  • FRIENDSHIP: A wonderful friend from Germany paid me a surprise visit! It was fun catching up with Antje after thinking that we will not see each other again because of distance. Over a delicious lunch at Golden Era in SF, we had a fun time catching up on life. We are both hoping that she will come back again soon for more yummy lunches and drinks when she visits the US again. (Photo: My plate of jalapeno tofu, stewed sweet potato and brown rice.)
  • GOODBYE: A bittersweet going away party. Bye and best of luck, friend.
  • DONUT: Yes! For my birthday month, all I wanted was a donut, for real! [Plus the love of my friends and family but I always have that. 😉 ] I got some fru-fru fancy donuts from a fancy shop on my birthday but it was not the same. I wanted  deep-fried, sugary-sweet, real donuts like the ones that sell for 99 cents and not the hipster kind. Then somebody randomly brought a box of Krispy Kreme to work and I got my wish!
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (FILIPINO-STYLE): In the Filipino culture, the birthday celebrant is the one who treats friends and family on his or her birthday. I treated my whole family to a sumptuous lunch at Barrio Fiesta. It was a feast of traditional dishes (crispy pata, kare-kare, kaldereta, halo-halo, pancit, etc) and we were more than full with lots of leftovers. My birthday wish came true— to celebrate my birthday with my mom, dad, siblings and whole family.
  • COLD/FLU?: Who cares?! All I knew was that I was miserable! After my birthday lunch, my family went shopping but I told the BF that I was not feeling well so went home. It was the beginning of a 4 day bout of fever, runny and stuffy nose and body aches! Gross! I did not get to go to church the next day since I was so sick.

I am grateful for simple joys, wishes coming true and the love of friends and family. It is heartwarming to know that the Lord pays attention to even my most insignificant wish — like a donut. I mean, it appeared out of nowhere. Nobody on my department has brought a donut to work before, and nobody knew about my weird birthday donut obsession. I think it is His way of wishing me a Happy Birthday. I am ever so thankful. THANK YOU! You really do love me! 🙂

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