Girls Lunch Date:  January 30, 2015


BFF Heather and I have been participating in Restaurant Week (formerly known as Dine About Town) since —- forever! Well, at least for years. Many fun and delicious memories of our friendship are during our DAT lunches. We eagerly anticipate the return of this San Francisco foodie event year after year every January and June.  This winter we tried Alta SF.

During Restaurant Week, for 10 days Bay Area foodies get  to try fabulous menus at participating fine dining restaurants in SF at fixed prices:

  • $25 two-course Lunch Menu or $40 three-course Dinner Menu

Heather and I chose the following:


  • (Heather):Charred Onion Soup with broccoli and bourbon
  • (Mine): Beef Tendon Puffs  *I was so intrigued to try this. It tasted like chicharon.  Really good, very light and crispy.


  • (Heather): Smoked Trout Salad with arugula, squash, fennel and croutons
  • (Mine): Chicken Schnitzel with beets and sunchoke * Really tasty and did not taste greasy at all for being a fried chicken. One of the best schnitzels I have tried.


Surprise soft-served sundae. One was toffee and one was mint. Heather and I took it to go but we could not stop eating it!

Another successful Restaurant Week! Alta SF is one of the better ones among the many that we have tried over the years! Until the June RW, Heather! xoxo!

$32 per gal including tax and tip

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