Week in Pics: February 16-22, 2015

The week has been so hectic but what else is new, right? However, despite the busyness of training a new staff, this week turned out to have lots of yummy surprises, and fun celebrations with co-workers and family.


  • PRESIDENTS’ DAY:  Monday was a holiday. The BF and i really did not do anything but catch up on much-needed rest. We stayed home in our pj’s all day just watching our recorded shows on queue. The only time we went out was to get a snack from Jamba Juice at around 4 pm.  I did not want anything but he got me a Matcha Green Tea Soy smoothie and Apple-Cinnamon pretzel. I am glad he did. They were both delicious!


  • LUNCH TIME: I like going out to lunch if I can. Unless I have a lunch date with my girlfriends, I usually like to eat by myself. I am so glad to discover a new lunch spot not far from work where I can have “me time” lunch. It is at the  Twitter Market Place where I can also get a decent sushi.
  • THE SWEETEST BABY SHOWER: Not mine! I hosted a co-worker’s baby shower. She has become a good friend over time. It was so much fun organizing it. The horchata/cinnamon and peanut butter Mission Mini’s mini-cupcakes I brought were a hit!  The new mom-to-be  spoiled us with the cutest cupcakes from Miette’s SF topped with candy baby blue shirts. There was so much food – mostly sweet stuff. We were all on sugar-high by the time the party was over! Congrats, Kai and hubby! 🙂


  • FLOATING HOLIDAY: I am being told to “use it or lose it.” I have so much personal time that I need to use otherwise I will stop accruing my vacation and holidays. So I took the day off on Friday.  I went for a stroll in my neighborhood in the morning and went browsing at the new shops. There are so many additions to my hood – cafes, boutiques, brunch places, etc but I just do not have time to explore. And they are just blocks away from my house! What a cozy neighborhood I live in! I got some pastries then went home to watch a movie on DVD. A truly lovely day.


  • DATE NIGHT: was at Ike’s Place in Oakland. Super-casual. We just picked up a couple of sammies (vegan chicken with cranberry and onion rings for me and a meat one for the BF). We went back home and watched 2 movies back to back: 22 Jump Street and Pet Sematary 1. Totally  silly movies but something we needed!


  • FAMILY LUNCH: It was a chilly day in San Jose. My mom was craving soup and my brother-in-law was nursing a hangover. After church, the whole family went to eat pho. My sister’s treated the whole family in celebration of me and my brother’s birthday month which is February! Thanks, sis! xoxo
  • GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!: We are not Chinese but Chinese New Year is a big cultural celebration in Bay Area cities like San Francisco and San Jose. My little nephews and niece were really excited and eager to light fireworks so after church and lunch, we went to my brother’s house and the kids went berserk lighting fireworks until it got cold and the sky turned gloomy. 

I truly enjoyed this week! As I was watching my nephews and niece light the fireworks, and my parents and siblings looking on, I could not help but be thankful to the Lord for blessing me with a beautiful family. The baby shower was a fun celebration and also reminded me to be grateful for the kind people I work with everyday. I always enjoy any free moment for myself as well as my fun and kind BF whom my family also adores. Thankful to God for life’s little joys!

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