Week in Pictures: February 9-15, 2015, Valentine Week

It is Valentine’s Week. I like Valentine’s Day not so much for the usual roses, champagne and chocolates (not that I am complaining being spoiled by the BF). I like Heart Day for the sweetness it represents. I actually think that the smaller and more creative the present, the more precious it is.  It does not have to be the usual culprits.  Like when my co-worker went around and gave each one of us little chocolate hearts at work, or when little kids exchange handmade Valentine’s cards. I wish that  I had time to watch cute chick flicks just like I tend to do every year  but in all reality, life has been so busy lately  that there is almost no time to breathe. 

Here are the highlights of my Valentine Week:


  • A delicious afternoon of reading and Mint Mojito at Philz Coffee. What a nice escape for an hour! I should spend my lunch hour like this more often.


  •  The Market at the Twitter Building. Thoughts on gentrification issues aside — the Tofu with Crispy Brown Rice Salad I got was really good! Happy that there is an option for healthy eats like salad and sushi not far from work. 


  • The BF had to work late so I did a little shopping after work. I got a sweater on sale from Gap and I went to Sephora to get a new lipgloss. (Buxom is the best!) I was so thrilled when I was given a free box of Nars lipsticks because it is my birthday month. I like how I earn points that I can redeem for makeup/perfume, etc whenever I shop at Sephora.


  • A really beautiful morning exploring Nob Hill,  one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in SF. I had to do a presentation in the hood. I went straight to lunch and used the hour  to explore the hilly neighborhood with beautiful houses.
  • Then I had an egg and cheese crepe at Quetzal. It was a very enjoyable brunch before going back to work.


  • Champagne, Sees’s Candies and roses from the BF. No romantic dinner because we had to attend my brother and niece’s birthdays. (No, my brother is not 5 years old. The candle fell off.) The BF and I tried to find a date night worthy restaurant after the party knowing it was nearly impossible without a reservation. After checking out at least 3 packed restaurants, we ended up eating at Los Cantaros, a Mexican taqueria in Emeryville. I had a margarita and nachos. In a way, it was a cute Valentine’s Day dinner.


  • My mom cooked Beef sinigang (beef in tamarind soup) after church for lunch. Once again it was food coma.

 In the light of the horrible book and movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I am truly grateful for the gentle partner and friend that I have in my guy. ( I read the book but I have no intention to watch the movie after finding the book very disturbing — not the graphic sexual contents but the abusive behaviors portrayed in the story.) I am grateful for the beautiful Valentine Week, for the love of friends and family, and little escapes along the way.

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